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Society at a Glance 2009
OECD Social Indicators (Korean version)
Published by : OECD/Korea Policy Centre, Korea , Publication date:  22 Oct 2009
Pages: 133 , Language: Korean
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264077904 , OECD Code: 81200901KE1
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Availability: Available

Other languages:  Japanese (Distributed by another publisher) German (Available) French (Available) English (Available)

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Tables: 23  Charts: 108  Electronic format: Acrobat PDF

Available from:
OECD/Korea Policy Centre, Korea
80 Susongdong 307 Korean-RE Building, Jongrogu Seoul 110-733 KOR

How are OECD societies progressing? How effective are their actions in promoting social progress? Society at a Glance provides a basis for addressing these twin questions. It offers a concise overview of quantitative social trends and policies across the OECD. This 2009 edition includes a wide range of information on social issues – such as demography and family characteristics, employment and unemployment, poverty and inequality, social and health care expenditure, and work and life satisfaction –as well as a guide to help readers understand the structure of OECD social indicators.    In addition to updating some of the indicators from previous editions, Society at a Glance 2009 adds several new and innovative social indicators, including adult height, perceived health status, risky youth behaviour and bullying. For the first time, the report also provides a condensed set of headline social indicators summarising social well-being in OECD countries. In addition, a special chapter examines leisure time across the OECD.

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