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An Appraisal of the Chilean Fisheries Sector
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  07 Dec 2009
Pages: 140 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264073944 , OECD Code: 532009041P1
Price:   €24 | $32 | £20 | ¥3000 | MXN430 , Standard shipping included!
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Other languages:  Spanish (Available)
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Chile is one of the major players in the world fishing scene. But during the past fifty years, Chile has had to face issues of over-investment, sharp declines in catch levels, disputes among stakeholders, fleet downsizing, and aquaculture diseases, among others. This report describes the challenging and complex learning process that the Chilean fisheries and aquaculture sector has undergone and the evolution of its policies and management systems. Governance of the industrial, artisanal and aquaculture industries has followed different paths of policy development and current management reflects the particular pressures confronting each segment of the sector. And policy evolution continues, with a range of initiatives underway to meet the current challenges. The Chilean state has been one of the main forces behind these developments, laying the foundation for a strong and robust fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Table of contents:

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. An Overview of the Chilean Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector
-Fisheries and aquaculture production
-International Trade
-Production structure
Chapter 3. Institutional Framework
-Governance structure
-The private sector
-Small-scale or artisanal producers
-Non-governmental organizations, NGOs
Chapter 4. Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Policies
-1958-78: Initial management schemes in fisheries and aquaculture
-1979-1989: The new institutional framework and legislation
-1990-2000: Consolidation and the aquaculture boom
-2000-present: Strengthening fisheries and aquaculture management
-Financial support programs
Chapter 5. Research Support for Fisheries and Aquaculture Management
-State supported and financed research
-Research and development through private agents
Chapter 6. International Co-operation and Agreements
-Review of individual agreements
Annex A. Common and Scientific Names of Species Caught or Farmed in Chile
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