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OECD Insights
Human Capital
How what you know shapes your life
Brian Keeley. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  20 Feb 2007
Pages: 150 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264029095 , OECD Code: 012007101E1
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This first book in the new OECD Insights Series examines the increasing economic and social importance of human capital - our education, skills, competencies, and knowledge. As economies in developed countries shift away from manufacturing, economic success for individuals and national economies is increasingly reliant on the quality of human capital. Raising human capital has emerged as a key policy priority, particularly for low-skilled individuals, who are at risk of being left even further behind.

Policy in this area is focusing on early childhood development, improving quality and choice in schooling, creating excellence in tertiary education, and widening access to adult learning. Drawing on the research and analysis of the OECD, this dynamic new book uses straightforward language to explain how countries across the OECD area are responding to the challenge of raising their levels of human capital.  This book includes Statlinks, URLs linking statistical tables and graphs in the text of the book to Excel spreadsheets showing the underlying data.

Table of contents:

1. Investing for Change
-What challenges face our societies?
-How are our societies responding?
-What this book is about...
2. The Value of People
-How is the Global Economy Changing?
-What is human capital?
-What are the challenges for learning?
3. First Steps
-What challenges face children and families?
-How can we help children and families?
-What can preschool education do for children?
4. Off ot School
-Are students learning what they need to learn?
-How can we make education better?
-How can the reqach of education be broadened?
5. Learning for Life
-Who needs to go on learning?
-What are the obstacles to further learning?
-How can we lower barriers to learning?
6. A Bigger Picture
-Is there more to human capital than learning?
-What is social capital?
-Are human and social capital linked?
7. Measures, and More
-How do we measure human and social capital?
-Can we meaure everything that matters?
-By way of conclusion
Additional Statistics
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