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The Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities
Frascati Manual 2002
Proposed Standard Practice for Surveys on Research and Experimental Development
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  16 Jan 2003
Pages: 256 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264199033 , OECD Code: 922002081P1
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The internationally recognized methodology for collecting and using R&D statistics, the Frascati Manual is an essential tool for statisticians worldwide. It includes definitions of basic concepts, data collection guidelines, and classifications for compiling statistics.  This updated edition contains improved guidelines adjusted for changes in OECD economies, including measurement of service-sector R&D, R&D globalisation, and R&D human resources.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1. Aim and Scope of the Manual
Chapter 2. Basic Definitions and Conventions
Chapter 3. Institutional Classification
Chapter 4. Functional Distribution
Chapter 5. Measurement of R&D Personnel
Chapter 6. Measurement of Expenditures Devoted to R&D
Chapter 7. Survey Methodology and Procedures
Chapter 8. Government Budget Appropriations or Outlays for R&D by Socio-Economic Objectives
Annex 1. Brief History and Origins of the Present Manual
Annex 2. Obtaining Data on R&D in the Higher Education Sector
Annex 3. The Treatment of R&D in the United Nations System of National Accounts
Annex 4. R&D Related to Health, Information and Communications Technology, and Biotechnology
Annex 5. Methods of Deriving Regional R&D Data
Annex 6. Work on S&T Indicators in Other International Organisations
Annex 7. Other Science and Technology Indicators
Annex 8. Practical Methods of Providing Up-to-Date Estimates and Projections of Resources Devoted to R&D
Annex 9. R&D Deflators an Currency Converters
Annex 10. Supplementary Guidance on the Classification of Large R&D Projects with Special Reference to the Defense and Aerospace Industries
Annex 11. Correspondence between the Categories of R&D Personnel by Occupation in the Frascati Manuala nd ISCO-88 Classes
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