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Coal Information 2010
IEA. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  01 Sep 2010
Pages: 530 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264084209 , OECD Code: 612010081P1
Price:   €165 | $231 | £148 | ¥21400 | MXN2970 , Standard shipping included!
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Superseded by: Coal Information 2014 - (Available)
Other Versions:  E-book - PDF Format

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Imprint:  International Energy Agency Frequency: Annual  


Coal Information provides a comprehensive review of historical and current market trends in the world coal sector. This reference document brings together essential statistics on coal. It therefore provides a strong foundation for policy and market analysis, which in turn can better inform the policy decision process toward selecting policy instruments best suited to meet domestic and international objectives.

An Introduction, notes, definitions and auxiliary information are provided in Part I. Part II of the publication provides a review of the world coal market in 2009, while Part III provides a statistical overview of developments, which covers world coal production and coal reserves, coal demand by type (hard, steam, coking), hard coal trade and hard coal prices. Part IV provides, in tabular and graphic form, a more detailed and comprehensive statistical picture of historical and current coal developments in OECD member countries, by region and individually. Part V provides for selected non-OECD countries summary statistics on hard coal supply and end-use statistics for about 40 countries and regions worldwide. Complete coal balances and coal trade data for selected years are presented on 16 major non-OECD coal-producing and -consuming countries.

Coal Information is one of a series of annual IEA statistical publications on major energy sources; other reports are Electricity Information, Natural Gas Information, Oil Information and Renewables Information.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Definitions
-Energy sources and flows
-Units and conversions
-Factors related to specific fuels
3. Sources and notes
General notes
-Price data
-Quarterly energy statistics
Data sources
4. Country notes
5. Geographical coverage
6. Abbreviations, conversion factors and calorific values
1. Summary
2. Production
3. Consumption
4. Trade
5. Prices
6. CO2 emissions (2007)
7. Coal Upgrading: (An extract from an IEA Clean Coal Centre Report)
1. Production
Table 1.1: World hard coal production
-Table 1.2: World coking coal production
-Table 1.3: World steam coal production
-Table 1.4: World brown coal production
-Table 1.5: OECD production of coke oven coke
2. Consumption
Table 2.1: World hard coal consumption
Table 2.2: World coking coal consumption
Table 2.3: World steam coal consumption
Table 2.4: World brown coal consumption
Table 2.5: OECD consumption of coke oven coke
3. Trade
Table 3.1: World and seaborne coal trade
-Table 3.2: World total hard coal trade
-Table 3.3: World steam coal trade
-Table 3.4: World coking coal trade
-Table 3.5: World hard coal imports - regional aggregates
-Table 3.6: World brown coal imports - regional aggregates
-Table 3.7: World hard coal imports - selected countries
-Table 3.8: World brown coal imports - selected countries
-Table 3.9: World coking coal imports - regional aggregates
-Table 3.10: World steam coal imports - regional aggregates
-Table 3.11: World coking coal imports - selected countries
-Table 3.12: World steam coal imports - selected countries
-Table 3.13: OECD coke oven coke imports
-Table 3.14: World hard coal exports - regional aggregates
-Table 3.15: World brown coal exports - regional aggregates
-Table 3.16: World hard coal exports - selected countries
-Table 3.17: World brown coal exports - selected countries
-Table 3.18: World coking coal exports - regional aggregates
-Table 3.19: World steam coal exports - regional aggregates
-Table 3.20: World coking coal exports - selected countries
-Table 3.21: World steam coal exports - selected countries
-Table 3.22: OECD coke oven coke exports
4. Prices
Table 4.1: Japan coking coal import costs
-Table 4.2: EU coking coal import costs from selected countries
-Table 4.3: Japan steam coal import costs
-Table 4.4: EU steam coal import costs from selected countries
-Table 4.5: Steam coal export costs
-Table 4.6: Coking coal export costs
-Table 4.7: Coking coal prices for industry
-Table 4.8: Steam coal prices for industry
-Table 4.9: Steam coal prices for electricity generation
5. Coal for other uses
Table 5.1: OECD coal-fired and total electricity generating capacity
-Table 5.2: OECD coal use for electricity production and heat sold
-Table 5.3: OECD coal use in coke ovens
-Table 5.4: World consumption of pulverised coal injection (PCI) coals
6. Figures
Figure 1: World steam and coking coal production
-Figure 2: World steam and coking coal trade
-Figure 3: Coking coal price CIF Japan and CIF EU member states (US$/t)
-Figure 4: Steam coal price CIF Japan and CIF EU member states (US$/t)
-Figure 5: Steam coal price US FOB vs. US domestic (US$/t)
-Figure 6: Steam coal price CIF EU member states (US$/t) and US exports (mt)
-Figure 7: OECD total primary energy supply
-Figure 8: OECD coal consumption and indicators
-Figure 9: Japan steam coal supply, imports, GDP annual growth rates
-Figure 10: EU member states steam coal supply, imports, GDP annual growth rates
-Figure 11: Hard coal production by region
-Figure 12: Hard coal consumption by region
-Figure 13: Hard coal imports by region
-Figure 14: Hard coal exports by region
Directory of part IV figures and tables
OECD Total
-OECD North America
-OECD/IEA Pacific
-OECD Europe
-IEA Total
-IEA North America
-IEA Europe
-Czech Republic
-New Zealand
-Slovak Republic
-United Kingdom
-United States
General notes
World coal supply and end-use statistics 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005 to 2008
National coal balances and trade statistics:
-China, People’s Republic of
-Chinese Taipei
-Hong Kong, China
-Russian Federation
-South Africa

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