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Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a Learning Science
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  25 Jun 2007
Pages: 264 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264029125 , OECD Code: 962007011P1
Price:   €35 | $49 | £31 | ¥4500 | MXN630 , Standard shipping included!
Availability: Available (Print on Demand)
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Other languages:  Chinese (Distributed by another publisher) Japanese (Distributed by another publisher) Spanish (Available) French (Available (Print on Demand))
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Imprint:  Centre for Educational Research and Innovation Charts: 13 


This book provides new insights about learning by synthesising existing and emerging findings from cognitive and brain science and exploring how this new information might impact teaching, parenting, and educational policy making. It shows what the latest brain imaging techniques and other advances in the neurosciences actually reveal about how the brain develops and operates at different stages in life from birth to old age and how the brain is involved in acquiring skills such as reading and counting. It also presents scientific insights into what happens when the brain malfunctions in conditions such as dyslexia or Alzheimer's disease. 

China Education Daily nominated this book as one of the "100 most influential education books for teachers" on December 15, 2011.

Table of contents:
Executive Summary
Part I. The Learning Brain
Chapter 1. An "ABC" of the Brain
Chapter 2. How the Brain Learns throughout Life
Chapter 3. The Impact of Environment on the Learning Brain
Chapter 4. Literacy and the Brain
Chapter 5. Numeracy and the Brain
Chapter 6. Dispelling "Neuromyths"
Chapter 7. The Ethics and Organisation of Educational Neuroscience
Conclusions and Future Prospects
Part II. Collaborative Articles
Article A. The Brain, Development, and Learning in Early Childhood
Article B. The Brain and Learning in Adolescence
Article C. Brain, Cognition, and Learning in Adulthood
Annex A. Fora
Annex B. Brain Imaging Technologies
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