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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews
OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: France 2005
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  04 Oct 2005
Pages: 248 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264009127 , OECD Code: 972005031P1
Price:   €45 | $63 | £40 | ¥5800 | MXN810 , Standard shipping included!
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Other languages:  French (Low stock)
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This book presents the results of a peer review of France's environmental policies and programmes. It systematically looks at environmental management (air, water, biodiversty), sustainable development, and international commitments. This edition includes a sectoral chapter covering energy. The book presents specific conclusions and policy recommendations, and includes extensive statistical data.

Table of contents:

1. Conclusions and Recommendations
2. Air Management
-1. Objectives
-2. Air Management
--Emission Trends
--Air Quality Trends
--Framework for Action
-3. Integrating Air Quality Concerns in the Transport Sector
3. Water Management
-1. Water Management Objectives
-2. Quality Management
-3. Management of the Resource
-4. Enforcement of Regulations
-5. Basin-Based Management and Application of the User Pays and Polluter Pays Principles
4. Nature and Biodiversity Management
-1. Objectives
-2. Biodiversity in Metropolitan France
-3. Landscapes
-4. Overseas Territories
-5. International Commitments
-6. Financing for Nature Conservation
5. Environmental-Economic Interface
-1. Sustainable Development
--Decoupling Environmental Pressures from Economic Growth
--Sustainable Development: Institutions and Strategy
--Market-Based Integration
--Sectoral and Institutional Integration
--Environmental Expenditure and Competitiveness
-2. Environmental Management
--Institutional Framework
--Legislative and Regulatory Context
--Enforcement of Enviromental Legislation
--Economic Instruments
--Voluntary Instruments
6. Environmental-Social Interface
-1. Environment and Employment
-2. Access to Water and Electricity Services
-3. Environment and Health
-4. Environmental Democracy
-5. The French and the Environment: Perception, Knowledge, and Practice
7. Sectoral Integration: Energy
-1. General Trends in the Sector and Environmental Impacts
-2. Energy Intensity and Efficiency and Decoupling
-3. Renewable Forms of Energy
-4. Environmental Management and Safety in Energy Production
-5. Institutional Integration
-6. Integration through the Market
8. International Co-operation

-1. Objectives
-2. Climate Protection
-3. Transboundary Pollution
--Air Pollution
--Water Pollution
-4. Marine Pollution
-5. Conservation of Marine Resources
-6. International Trade and the Environment
-7. Financing of Development
-Selected Environmental Data
-Selected Economic Data
-Selected Social Data
-Selected Multilateral Agreements (Worldwide and Regional)
-Physical Context
-Selected Environmental Events (1996-2004)
-Selected Environmental Web Sites
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