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Climate Change in the European Alps
Adapting Winter Tourism and Natural Hazards Management
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  22 jan 2007
Pages: 136 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264031685 , Code OCDE: 972007061P1
Prix:   €24 | $33 | £21 | ¥3100 | MXN430 , Frais de livraison inclus
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This report presents the first systematic cross-country analysis of the effects of climate change on snow-reliability in the European Alps. Following some of the warmest years on record in the last 500 years, climate model projections show even greater changes in the region in coming decades.  Less snow at low altitudes and receding glaciers and melting permafrost higher up will have a significant impact on snow tourism activities, and on the management of natural hazards.

The implications of the assessment extend beyond the European Alps to other mountain systems which may face similar climate and contextual challenges, for example in North America, Australia and New Zealand.


Tables des matières:
List of Acronmyms
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. the European Alps; Location, Economy, Climate
-Characteristics of Alpine Climate
-Observed Climate Trends
-Implications of Climate Change and Key Vulnerabilities
-Focus of the Remainder of this Report
Chapter 2. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Winter Tourism
-The Impact of Climate Change on the Natural Snow-Reliability of the Alpine Ski Areas
-Adaptation Responses: Technological Options
-Behavioural Adaptations: Operational Practices, Financial Tools and New Business Models
-Discussion and Policy Options
Chapter 3. Cimate Change Adaptation and Natural Hazards Management
-Natural Hazards in the Alps: Overivew and Implications of Climate Change
-Synthesis of Key Vulnerabilities and Implications for Adaptation
-Harnessing Existing Mechanisms for Natural Hazards Management and Risk Transfer
-Enhancing the Robustness and Flexibility of Natural Hazards Management
-Discussion and Policy Implications
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