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OECD Territorial Reviews
OECD Territorial Reviews: Småland-Blekinge, Sweden 2012
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  29 Mar 2012
Pages: 252 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264169494 , OECD Code: 042012031P1
Price:   €48 | $67 | £43 | ¥6200 | MXN860 , Standard shipping included!
Availability: Available (Print on Demand)
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Other languages:  Swedish (Available)
Other Versions:  E-book - PDF Format

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The OECD territorial review of Småland-Blekinge presents an overview of recent trends, regional policies and governance arrangements of this region that is made up of four counties in South-East Sweden: Jönköping,  Kronoberg, Kalmar and Blekinge. The challenges include the need to facilitate a shift from the region’s historic specialisation in medium-low and low technology manufacturing towards more knowledge-intensive activities. This will require addressing the supply of human capital, improving connectivity and enhancing the attractiveness of the region. A regionalisation reform is now under discussion in Sweden with potential implications for Småland-Blekinge. Whatever the future administrative structure of Småland-Blekinge, the effectiveness of regional development policies and public service delivery will be directly related to strengthened interaction and co-ordination arrangements among the numerous actors and administrative units involved.

Table of contents:

Assessment and recommendations
Chapter 1. Trends and challenges
-1.1. The national context
-1.2. The regional context: uneven patterns in the Småland-Blekinge region
-1.3. Factors of growth
-Annex 1.A1. OECD regional classification and regional typology   
-Annex 1.A2. Methodology for the decomposition of factors of growth
-Annex 1.A3. Indicators of specialisation
Chapter 2. Economic competitiveness in the Småland-Blekinge region
-2.1. Adjusting to the demographic challenge
-2.2. Improving the attractiveness and opportunities of Småland-Blekinge
Chapter 3. Governance and co-operation in Småland-Blekinge
-3.1. Regional governance and territorial co-operation in Småland-Blekinge
-3.2. Analysing territorial reform
-3.3. Towards better governance of regional development
-Annex 3.A1. Administrative organisation of some of the main public agencies

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