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Better Regulation in Europe
Better Regulation in Europe: Belgium 2010
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  01 Jul 2010
Pages: 196 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264087859 , OECD Code: 422010231E1
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This report maps and analyses the core issues which together make up effective regulatory management for Belgium, laying down a framework of what should be driving regulatory policy and reform in the future. Issues examined include: strategy and policies for improving regulatory management; institutional capacities for effective regulation and the broader policy making context; transparency and processes for effective public consultation and communication; processes for the development of new regulations, including impact assessment and for the management of the regulatory stock, including administrative burdens; compliance rates, enforcement policy and appeal processes; and the multilevel dimension: interface between different levels of government and interface between national processes and those of the EU. This book is part of a project examining better regulation, being carried out in partnership with the European Commission.

Table of contents:

Abbreviations and Acronyms
Country Profile Belgium
Executive Summary
Introduction: Conduct of the review
Chapter 1. Strategy and policies for Better Regulation
-Assessment and recommendations
--Main developments in Belgium's Better Regulation agenda
--Guiding principles of the current Better Regulation policy agenda
--Main Better Regulation policies
--Communication on the Better Regulation agenda
--Ex post evaluation of Better Regulation strategy and policies
--E-government in support of Better Regulation
Chapter 2. Institutional capacities for Better Regulation
-Assessment and recommendations
--The general public governance context
--Key institutional players for Better Regulation
--Resources and training
Chapter 3. Transparency through consultation and communication
-Assessment and recommendations
--Public consulation on regulations
--Public communication on regulations
Chapter 4. The development of new regulations
-Assessment and recommendations
--General context
--Procedures for making new regulations
--Ex ante impact assessment of new regulations
--Alternatives to regulation
Chapter 5. The management and rationalisation of existing regulation
-Assessment and recommendations
--Simplification of regulations
--Administrative burden reduction for business and citizens
--Administrative burden reduction for the administration
Chapter 6. Compliance, enforcement, appeals
-Assessment and recommendations
--Compliance and enforcement
Chapter 7. The interface between member states and the European Union
-Assessment and recommendations
--General context
--Transposing EU regulations
--Interface with Better Regulation policies at the EU level
Chapter 8. The interface between subnational and national levels of government
-Assessment and recommendations
--General context
--Co-ordination mechanisms
--Better regulation policies deployed at the local level
Annex A: Competence distribution across Belgian authorities
Annex B: Kafka Test Template
Annex C: SDIA procedure: Form used for SDIA screening
Annex D: E-depot
Annex E: Policy statement of the Flemish Government 2009-14 Administrative Affairs
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