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OECD Factbook 2008
Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  10 Apr 2008
Pages: 294 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264040540 , OECD Code: 302008011P1
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Other languages:  Japanese (Distributed by another publisher) Spanish (Available) German (Out of print) French (Out of print)
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Frequency: Annual   Tables: 140  Charts: 240 


OECD Factbook 2008 is the fourth edition of a comprehensive and dynamic statistical annual from the OECD.  More than 100 indicators cover a wide range of areas: economy, agriculture, education, energy, environment, foreign aid, health and quality of life, industry, information and communications, population/labour force, trade and investment, taxation, public expenditure and R&D. This year, the OECD Factbook features a focus chapter on productivity. Data are provided for all OECD member countries with area totals, and in some cases, for selected non-member economies.

For each indicator, there is a two-page spread.  A text page includes a short introduction followed by a detailed definition of the indicator, comments on comparability of the data, an assessment of long-term trends related to the indicator, and a list of references for further information on the indicator.  The next page contains a table and a graph providing - at a glance - the key message conveyed by the data.  A dynamic link (StatLink) is provided for each table directing the user to a web page where the corresponding data are available in Excel® format.

Table of contents:

Population and Migration
- Evolution of the population
- Regional Population
- Ageing societies
- Elderly Population by region
- Trends in migration
- Immigrant population
- Migration and unemployment
- Educational attainment of recent immigrants
Macroeconomic Trends
- Size of GDP
- National income per capita
- Regional GDP
- Evolution of GDP
- Household saving
- Investment rates
- Inflation
- Steel production
- Value added by activity
- Evolution of value added by activity
- Small and medium-sized enterprises
Economic Globalisation
- Share of trade in GDP
- Trade in goods
- Trade in services
- Trading partners
- Balance of payments
- FDI flows and stocks
- Activities of multinationals
- Consumer Price Indices (CPI)
- Producer Price Indices (PPI)
- Long-term interest rates
- Rates of conversion
- Effective exchange rates
- Energy supply
- Energy supply and economic growth
- Energy supply per capita
- Electricity generation
- Nuclear energy
- Renewable energy
- Energy production
- Oil production
- Oil prices
- Employment rates by gender
- Employment rates by age group
- Part-time employment
- Self-employment
- Unemployment rates
- Long-term unemployment
- Regional unemployment
- Labour compensation
- Hours worked
Science and Technology
- Expenditure on R&D
- Investment in knowledge
- Researchers
- Patents
- Size of the ICT sector
- Investment in ICT
- Computer and internet access by households
- Exports of information and communications equipment
- Telephone access
- Water consumption
- Fisheries
- Emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
- Municipal waste
- Nutrient use in agriculture
- International student assessment
- Trends in tertiary graduation rates
- Tertiary attainment
- Expenditure on tertiary education
- Relative earnings of graduates
- Public and private education expenditure
Public Finance
- Government deficits
- Government debt
- Health expenditure
- Social expenditure
- Law, order and defense expenditure
- Agricultural support estimates
- Government support for fishing
- Official development assistance
- Total tax revenue
- Taxes on the average worker
Quality of Life
- Life expectancy
- Infant mortality
- Obesity
- Tourism: Hotel nights
- Recreation and culture
- Youth inactivity
- Income inequality
- Prison population
- Road network
- Road motor vehicles and road fatalities
Focus on Productivity
- Growth in GDP per capita
- Labour productivity growth
- Multi-factor productivity
- Growth accounts for OECD countries
- Income and productivity levels
- Historical income and productivity levels
- Labour productivity and firm-size heterogeneity
- Contribution of key activities to aggregate productivity growth
- Productivity growth in manufacturing
- Productivity growth in services
- Unit labour costs, labour productivity and labour compensation
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