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The SME Financing Gap (Vol. II)
Proceedings of the Brasilia Conference, 27-30 March 2006
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  20 Apr 2007
Pages: 278 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264029446 , OECD Code: 852007021P1
Price:   €45 | $63 | £40 | ¥5800 | MXN810 , Standard shipping included!
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A significant number of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could use funds productively if they were available, but are often denied access to financing. This impedes their creation and growth. The "financing gap" was the subject of the OECD Global Conference on "Better Financing for Entrepreneurship & SME Growth", held in Brasilia, Brazil in March 2006. This book presents a synthesis of the Conference discussions on the credit and equity financing gaps, as well as on private equity definitions and measurements. It also offers a selection of papers given by some of the key stakeholders (SMEs, government and financial institutions) confronting these important issues.

Table of contents:

Key Remarks: Extracts from Speeches
-Brazil and the World Growing with SMEs by Luiz Fernando Furlan, Minister of Development, Brasil
-Speech by Herwig Schlogl, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD
-Speech by Ali Coskun, Minister for Industry and Trade, Turkey
-The Role of SME Policy and the Current State of SME Finance in Japan by Takao Suzuki, Chairman, Organisation for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation of Japan
Part I. Synthesis
-Plenary Keynote Session: The SME Financing Gap: Theory and Evidence
-Workshop A: Credit Financingt for SMEs: Constraints and Innovative Solutions
-Workshop B: Equity Financing for SMEs and the Role of Government
-Technical Workshop on Private Equity Definitions and Measurements
-Plenary Closing Session
Part II: Selected Papers
Plenary Keynote Session: The SME Financing Gap: Theory and Evidence
-Access to Financial Services: A Key Element in a Comprehensive Development Agenda by Enrique García
-Polish Entreneurs: Access to Capital by Andrezj Kaczmarek
-The Financing Gap for SMEs in Brazil by Roberto Luis Troster
-Get to Know Your SMEs by Stuart Wilson
Workshop A. Credit Financing for SMEs: Constraints and Innovative Solutions
-Banque de France Rating by Daniel Gabrielli
-Access of Micro and Small Enterprises to Credit in Brazil by José Mauro de Morais
-Credit Allocation and Efficiency: The Case of Japan by Iichiro Uesugi
-The Role of State-Funded Credit Guarantee Schemes for SMEs: Italy's Experience by Salvatore Zecchini and Marco Ventura
Workshop B: Equity Financing for SMES and the Role of Government
-Equity Financing for SMEs: The Nature of the Market Failure by Jean-Noel Durvy
-A Review of Access to Finance Matters Related to the Development Finance Institutions of the DTI by Don Mashele
-GBS Venture Capital Partners, Australia - A Case Study in Government Programmes to Kick Start a Venture Capital Industry by Brigitte Smith
Technical Workshop on Private Equity Definitions and Measurements
-Private Equity Definitions and Measurements: Issues Paper: Damn Lies, Statistics and Venture Capital Statistics by Victor Bivell
-Standard Definitions and Valuation Methods for the Measurement of Private Equitry by Jeong Min Kim
Towards Practical Valuation Approaches for Venture Capital Funds byThomas Meyer
Final Plenary Session: Financial Innovations for SME Credit and Equity Financing: The Contributions of Markets and Governments
-Buildinga Better Understanding of SME Financing: Lessons Learnt by Canada and New Zealand on SME Finance Data Collection Initiatives by blari Robertson and Brad Belanger
-Financial Intermediation: The role of Information Production in Matching the Demand and Supply of Credit by Nadine Levratto
-Permanent Forum onf Micro-Enterprises and Small Firms: Meausre to Strengthen Credit in Brazil by Candid Maria Cervieri
Annex A: Conference Programme
Annex B. The OECD Brasilia Action Statement on SME and Entrepreneurship Financing
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