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OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2003
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  27 Oct 2003
Pages: 200 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264103641 , OECD Code: 922003041P1
Price:   €58 | $81 | £52 | ¥7500 | MXN1040 , Standard shipping included!
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Other languages:  French (Out of print)
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Frequency: Biennial   Tables: 35  Charts: 135 


This sixth edition of the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard provides a comprehensive picture of countries’ performance in the areas of science, technology, globalisation and industry.  New indicators address emerging policy issues such as the international mobility of  scientists, innovation as measured by patent families, biotechnology, nanotechnology, new indicators on the information economy, the role of multinational enterprises, productivity, firm turnover and industrial performance.

Table of contents:

A.1. Investment in Knowledge
A.2. Trends in Domestic R&D Expenditure
A.3. R&D Financing and Performance
A.4.1. Business R&D
A.4.2. Business R&D by Industry
A.4.3. R&D in Selected ICT Industries and ICT Patents
A.4.4. Business R&D by Size Classes of Firms
A.5. R&D Performed by the Higher Education and Government Sectors
A.6.1. Biotechnology R&D, Venture Capital and Patents
A.6.2. Health-Related R&D
A.6.3. Basic Research
A.6.4. Defense R&D in Government Budgets
A.6.5. Space R&D and Innovation
A.6.6. Tax Treatment of R&D
A.6.7. Nanotechnology
A.7. Venture Capital
A.8.1. Human Resources
A.8.2. Flows of University Graduates
A.8.3. Employment of Tertiary-Level Graduates
A.9.1. Human Resources in Science and Technology
A.9.2. Researchers
A.10.1 International Mobility of Human Capital
A.10.2. International Mobility of PhD Students
A.11.1. Patent Applications to the European Patent Office
A.11.2. Patent Families
A.12.1. R&D in Non-OECD Countries
A.12.2. Patenting in Non-OECD Countries
A.12.3. Human Resources in Non-OECD Countries
A.13. Scientific Publications
B.1. Investment in ICT Equipment and Software
B.2. Occupations and Skills in the Information Economy
B.3.1. Telecommunication Networks
B.3.2. Internet Infrastructure
B.4.1. Internet Subscribers and Number of Secure Servers
B.4.2. ICT Access by Households
B.4.3. Use of the Internet by Individuals
B.4.4. Internet Access and Use by Enterprise Size and Industry
B.4.5. Internet and Electronic Commerce by Size of Enterprise
B.4.6. Internet and Electronic Commerce by Activity of Enterprise
B.5. The Price of Internet Access and Use
B.6.1. Size and Growth of the ICT Sector
B.6.2. Contribution of the ICT Sector to Employment
B.7. Contribution of the ICT Sector to International Trade
C.1. Trends in International Trade and Investment Flows
C.2.1. International Trade
C.2.2. Exposure to International Trade Competition by Industry
C.2.3. Intra-Firm Trade in Total Trade
C.2.4. Import Content of Exports
C.3.1. Foreign Direct Investment Flows
C.3.2. Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
C.4.1. Activity of Affiliates under Foreign Control in Manufacturing
C.4.2. Activity of Affiliates under Foreign Control in Services
C.4.3. The Contribution of Multinationals to Value Added and Labour Productivity
C.5.1. Internationalisation of Manufacturing R&D
C.5.2. Cross-Border Ownership of Inventions
C.5.3. International Cooperation in Science and Technology
C.5.4. Technology Balance of Payments
D.1. Differences in Income and Productivity
D.2. Income and Productivity Levels in the OECD Area, 1950-2002
D.3. Labour Productivity Growth
D.4. Growth Accounting for OECD Countries
D.5. Labour Productivity Growth by Industry
D.6. Technology and Knowledge-Intensive Industries
D.7. The Structure of OECD Economies
D.8. Services Sector Value-Added Embedded in Manufactured Goods
D.9.1. International Trade by Technological Intensity
D.9.2. Trade in High- and Medium-High-Technology Industries
D.9.3. Revealed Comparative Advantage by Technological Intensity
D.10. Entry, Exit, and Survival of Firms
Annex I. Classification of Manufacturing Industries Based on Technology
Annex II. Main OECD Databases Used
Statistical Annex
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