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Managing University Museums
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  29 Aug 2001
Pages: 204 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264195240 , OECD Code: 892001051P1
Price:   €24 | $33 | £21 | ¥3100 | MXN430
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This publication focuses on the role of university museums, their organisation, management, governance and finance. Most university museum collections have been assembled for the purposes of teaching and research rather than for public display. Whether small, of local importance or large, with great public appeal, they are all defined by their relationship to their university and form a distinctive sector in the museum community. The papers gathered in this book take this distinctiveness into consideration. They examine the common issues and problems that university museums are facing, among which the most important ones are funding and collection management. Many examples of good and imaginative practice are presented as regards fundraising, widening public access, integrating information resources, marketing, management and international collaboration. The book has been edited by Melanie Kelly, administrator at the International Center for Higher Education, School of Management, University of Bath.

Table of contents:

Introduction by Melanie Kelly
Section 1. Roles and Challenges
1.1. Unviersity Museums in the 21st Century: Opening Address by Lyndel King
1.2. The Dual Role of University Museums: Its Influence on Management by Vanessa Mack, Australia
1.3. The Challenge of the University Museum by Dominick Verschelde
Section 2. Raising Awareness and Working Together
2.1. Collections in the United Kingdom by Kate Arnold-Forster and Sophia Mirchandani
2.2. The Cinderella Collections: An Australian Fairy Story by Di Yerbury
2.3. Managing the Visibility of University Museum Collections by Peter Stanbury
2.4. A Regional System of University Museums by Fausto Pugnaloni
2.5. Uniting Forces: The European Network and National Collaborative Projects by Steven W. G. de Clercq
Section 3. Parallels and Partnership with Private Business
3.1. Strategic Planning and Action for Success in a University Museum of Natural History
3.2. A Public-Oriented and Educational Museum by Peter de Haan
3.3. Funding and Public Access through Partnership with Business by Ian Carradice
Section 4. New Projects
4.1. New University Museums: An Opportunity for a New Strategic Vision. the Brooking Collection, University of Greenwich by Sue Millar
4.2. Public Understanding of Science: Universities and Science Centers by Hannu S. Salmi
4.3. Funding and Museum Ownership by Kati Hainamies
4.4. The Patras University Science and Technology Museum: Fulfilling the University Museum's Dual Role by Penelope Theilogi-Gouti
4.5. A New Museum of Electrical Technology in Pavia: A Public Museum in a Univeristy Campus by Antonio Savini
4.6. New Horizons for the Crafts Study Centre Collection and Archive by Barley Roscoe
Conclusions by Melanie Kelly
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