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African Economic Outlook 2011
Africa and its Emerging Partners
OECD, African Development Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, United Nations Development Programme. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  16 Jun 2011
Pages: 304 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264111752 , OECD Code: 412011031P1
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Imprint:  OECD Development Centre Frequency: Annual  

This tenth edition of the African Economic Outlook finds that the continent is on the rebound and expects its growth performance in the next years to resume at pre-crisis levels. The focus of the 2011 AEO is Africa's Emerging Economic Partnerships, presenting a comprehensive review of Africa's expanding economic relations with outside the continent that until very recently did not belong to the club of traditional “donors”, the OECD Development Assistance Committee. Africa benefits not only from the visible direct interactions with large emerging countries – investment, trade, aid – but also from the macroeconomic, political and strategic advantages that their rise has produced. As always, country chapters provide detailed information on a country-by-country basis and the statistical annex provides a wide variety of indicators for the countries covered.  This year, the AEO covers all African countries except Eritrea and Somalia.

Table of contents:

Executive Summary
-Africa's Performance and Prospects
-Africa and its Emerging Partners
-10th Edition of the African Economic Outlook
Chapter 1. Macroeconomic Prospects

-Africa is growing but there are risks
-The export-led recovery is broadening
-Political upheaval caused near stagnation in North Africa
-High prices are boosting growth of commodity exporters
-Inflation is increasing again due to higher food and fuel prices
-Monetary policy: Moving towards moderate tightening
-Fiscal and external positions are affected by commodity prices
-The challenge of reducing youth unemployment
-Risks and policy challenges for African economies
Chapter 2. External Financial Flows
-Direct investment flows
-Portfolio investment
-Growth of aid to Africa
Chapter 3. Trade Policies and Regional Integration
-Developments in international trade negotiations in 2010
-Developments in regional integration in Africa
-Implementation of  Minimum Integration Programmes (MIP)
-Regional infrastructure developments
-Continental infrastructure development initiatives
Chapter 4. Human Development
-Economic growth, inequality and poverty: Why has poverty reduction been slow in Africa?
-The status of humand development in Africa as measured by the Human Development Index
Chapter 5. Political Governance
-Public protests, violence and conflicts
-Electoral processes
-Peace and security
-Economic governance
Chapter 6. Africa and its Emerging Partners

-Africa pushes aside post-colonialism
-New and old partners help Africa in complementary ways
-Industrialisation, debt and governance: More fear than harm
-Seizing new opportunities
-The way ahead
Part Three: Country Notes
-Burkina Faso
-Central African Republic
-Democratic Republic of Congo
-Republic of Congo
-Côte d'Ivoire
-Equatorial Guinea
-Sć#163;o Tomé and Príncipe
-Sierra Leone
-South Africa
Part Four: Statistical Annex
-Table 1. Basic Indicators, 2010
-Table 2. Real GDP Growth Rates 2002-2012
-Table 3. Demand Composition 2009-2012
-Table 4. Public Finances 2009-2012
-Table 5. Monetary Indicators
-Table 6. Balance of Payments Indicators 2009-2012
-Table 7. Exports, 2009
-Table 8. Diversification and Competitiveness
-Table 9. Intenrational Prices of Exports, 2003-2010
-Table 10. Foreign Direct Investment, 2004-2009
-Table 11. Aid Flows, 2004-2009
-Table 12. External Debt Indicators
-Table 13. Demographic Indicators
-Table 14. Poverty and Income Distribution Indicators
-Table 15. Access to Services
-Table 16. Basic Health Indicators
-Table 17. Major Diseases
-Table 18. Basic Education Indicators
-Table 19. School Enrolment
-Table 20. Employment and Remittances
-Table 21. Corruption Perception Index
-Table 22. Public Protest
-Table 23. Public Violence
-Table 24. Political Hardening

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