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OECD Territorial Reviews
OECD Territorial Reviews: Slovenia 2011
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  22 nov 2011
Pages: 232 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264120570 , Code OCDE: 042011091P1
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Despite its relatively small size, Slovenia is a good illustration of the potential of regional development policy. Its internal diversity, openness and experience of rapid structural change all reinforce the need for efficient reallocation of resources, while underscoring the need to take account of the potential positive and negative externalities associated with the shifting structure of economic activity.  

With 36% of the national territory falling under Natura 2000 protection, spatial planning is particularly challenging and yet also particularly important. Given the absence of a regional tier of government and the extreme fragmentation of the municipal level of authority, Slovenia needs to develop capacity at intermediate levels, to address policy problems that are best tackled at a scale in between the local and the national. 

Tables des matières:

Acronyms and Abbreviations
Assessment and Recommendations
Chapter 1. A Regional Approach for Development
-1.1. Macroeconomic trends
-1.2. Regional development gaps in Slovenia
-1.3. Drivers of growth in Slovenian regions and areas for potential growth
-1.4. Key policy and governance challenges
-Annex 1.A1. OECD Regional Classification and Regional Typology
-Annex 1.A2. Zipf’s Law in OECD Countries
-Annex 1.A3. Methodology for Decomposition of Factors of Growth
-Annex 1.A4. Beveridge Curves in Slovenia’s Regions
Chapter 2. Regional Policy in Slovenia
-2.1. Overview of regional policy reforms in Slovenia
-2.2. Improving the quality of places and networks through regional policy
-2.3. Upgrading skills through regional policy
-Annex 2.A1
Chapter 3. Making the Most of Regional Policy Through Reforms in Multi-Level Governance
-3.1. Three key challenges to effective multi-level governance
-3.2. Addressing governance challenges for regional policy
-3.3. Conclusion
-Annex 3.A1. Dimensions of Slovenian Municipal Administrative Capacity, 2007
-Annex 3.A2. Indicators for Regional Capacity Building: Italy’s National Performance Reserve (2000-06)
-Annex 3.A3. Municipal Competencies in Slovenia

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