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The Sources of Economic Growth in OECD Countries
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  25 Feb 2003
Pages: 154 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264199460 , OECD Code: 112003011E1
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Tables: 62  Charts: 45  Electronic format: Acrobat PDF


Understand growth disparities between OECD countries over the past twenty years through identification and analysis of underlying factors.

Growth patterns through the 1990s and into this decade have turned received wisdom on its head. For most of the post-war period, OECD countries with relatively low GDP per capita grew faster than richer countries. Since the late 1990s, however, that pattern has broken down with the United States notably drawing further ahead of the field. This publication provides a comprehensive overview of growth drivers across the OECD and the extent to which disparities are attributable to factors like new technology and R&D, macroeconomic policy, education and training, labour market flexibility, product market competition, and barriers to business start-up and closure.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1. Cover and table of contents
Chapter 2. Summary and policy conclusions
Chapter 3. Economic growth - The aggregate evidence
Chapter 4. Policy settings, institutions and aggregate economic growth - A cross-country analysis
Chapter 5. What drives productivity growth at the industry level?
Chapter 6. Firm dynamics, productivity and policy settings
Chapter 7. Annexes
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