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Policy Issues in Insurance
Catastrophic Risks and Insurance
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  04 Aug 2005
Pages: 424 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264009943 , OECD Code: 212005041P1
Price:   €70 | $98 | £63 | ¥9100 | MXN1260 , Standard shipping included!
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These proceedings, based on a conference held in November 2004 at OECD in Paris, present leading academic analysis as well as government and private sector information and experience-sharing on how governments and the financial and insurance sectors can deal with losses caused by terrorism, atmosperic perils, and other large-scale risks.

Table of contents:
Part I. Insurability of Catastrophic Risks
Chapter 1. Some Aspects of the Economics of Catastrophic Risk Insurance by Christian Gollier
Chapter 2. Industrial, Technological and Other Catastrophes by Christian Lahnstein
Chapter 3. Recent Trends in the Catastrophic Risk Insurance/Reinsurance Market by Patrick Murphy O'Connor
Chapter 4. Insurance of Atmospheric Perils - Challenges Ahead by Peter Zimmerli
Chapter 5. National Security and Compensation Policy for Terrorism Losses by Lloyd Dixon and Robert Reville
Chapter 6. Current State of the Coverage for War and Terrorism Risks in the Aviation Sector by Eugene Hoeven
Chapter 7. Terrorism Insurance: An Overview of the Private Market by Ben Garston
Part II. Financial Markets Solutions to Manage Catastrophic Risks
Chapter 8. Current Challenges in the Securitization of Terrorism Risk by Gordon Woo
Chapter 9. Financing Disaster Risks in Developing and Emerging Economy Countries by Reinhard Mechler
Chapter 10. The Potential for New Derivatives Instruments to Cover Terrorism Risks by Michele David
Chapter 11. Catastrophic Risk Securitization: Moody's Perspective by Rodrigo Araya
Part III. Role of Government and Public-Private Partnerships for Catastrophic Risks Management
Chaper 12. Comparative Analysis of Large Scale Catastrophic Compensation Schemes by Paul K. Freeman and Kathryn Scott
Chapter 13. Rapid Onset Natural Disasters: The Role of Risk Financing in Effective Catastrophic Risk Management by Eugene Gurenko and Rodney Lester
Chapter 14. Designing a Disaster Insurance Pool: Participatory and Expert Approaches in Hungary and Turkey
Chapter 15. The French Experience in the Management and Compensation of Large Scale Disasters by Suzanne Vallet
Chapter 16. Disaster Risk Management in Japan by Non-Life Insurance Rating Organisation and K. Kawachimaru
Chapter 17. Natural Disasters Fund (FONDEN) by Carlos Bayo Martinez
Chapter 18. The Spanish Experience in the Management of Extraordinary Risks, Including Terrorism by Ignacio Machetti
Chapter 19. The Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) and Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Scheme by S. Yazici
Chapter 20. Natural Disasters and Disaster Relief Policy in China by Y Zheng and J. Mu
Chapter 21. Disaster Management in India by D. Madan
Chapter 22. Management of Extraordinary Risks, Including Terrorism, in India: Achievements and Prospects by C. S. Rao
Chapter 23. Earthquake Risk Management Policy in Indonesia by Werner G. Bugl
Chapter 24. Disaster Risk Management Policy in the Philippines by Ronald I. Flores
Annex 1. List of Speakers and Presentations
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