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OECD Investment Policy Reviews
OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Russian Federation 2008
Strengthening the Policy Framework for Investment
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  30 Jul 2008
Pages: 88 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264045972 , OECD Code: 212008061P1
Price:   €30 | $42 | £27 | ¥3900 | MXN540 , Standard shipping included!
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Other languages:  Japanese (Distributed by another publisher) French (Available (Print on Demand))
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In 2007, Russia’s international investment flows reached record highs, making Russia one of the world’s largest recipients and sources of FDI. Russia's potential for attracting even more international investment can be improved by strengthening beneficial competition and offering additional opportunities for investment.  Disseminating international standard business practices among Russian firms can also boost the country's creditworthiness and reliability as inward and outward investors. Based on the OECD's Policy Framework for Investment, the overview of Russia's energy investment policy identifies different policies critical for coping with the country's huge energy investment needs and sector-specific challenges.

Table of contents:

List of Abbreviations
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Recent Trends in International Investment
-1. Developments in Russia's International Investment in 2006-2007
-2. Russia's Foreign Direct Investment Flows in International Comparison
-3. Russia's Potential to Attract Foreign Direct Investment
Chapter 2. Russia's Strategic Sectors and Corporations
-1. Law on Strategic Sectors
-2. Strategic Corporations
-3. Summing Up
Chapter 3. Russia's Policy Framework for Energy Investment
-1. Investment Policy
-2. Investment Promotion and Facilitation
-3. Trade Policy
-4. Competition Policy
-5. Tax Policy
-6. Other Policy Areas Relevant for Russia's Energy Investment Policy
-7. Summing Up
Chapter 4. Responsible Business Conduct in Russia
-1. Russia's Starting Point in Adoption of Responsible Business Conduct Practices
-2. Recent Progress
Annex A1. Overview of Recent Business Surveys
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