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Children and Families at Risk
New Issues in Integrating Services
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  22 Dec 1998
Pages: 214 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264169661 , OECD Code: 961998071P1
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Fears of the prospect of growing social exclusion have become important concerns in recent years for many countries. Improving the quality of education and the standards attained by students to improve employability is one of the tools being used to prevent exclusion. However, changing social realities are leaving young children and students more exposed than ever to failure at school and unemployment.
It is becoming increasingly clear that communities, education systems, schools and teachers are not equipped to deal with the many problems which arise and when social or health services become involved conflicts of interest can arise leading to actions which are not always in the clients' best interests.
The necessity to provide greater co-ordination among these services, to improve their efficiency and effectiveness and to provide a seamless support to meet the holistic needs of students and their families is now becoming more accepted. Such an approach, inter alia, is community-based, emphasises prevention rather than being crisis-oriented, is customer-driven rather than being focused on an agency, and is accountable through outcomes rather than inputs. For many, better co-ordination of services is seen as the only solution available which is commensurate with our present democratic societies.
All of the papers in this book were presented at a conference held in Toronto, Canada. They are original and have been written by policy-makers from different ministries, researchers from different disciplines and clients who come variously from Canada, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

Table of contents:

-Introduction by Peter Evans and Philippa Hurrell
-Welcoming Address by Paul Cappon
-Opening Address by Donald Johnston
-Setting the Scene: Some Personal Experiences by Lisa Dore and Mei Chen
Part One: Transitions
Making Services Work for Children and Youth at Risk and their Families: Two Ways of Integration by Guideo Walraven
-Transition to Pre-School: Britain and Finland by Jennifer Little
-After School Child Care by Marjorie McColm
-Trend in Youth Unemployment and School-Work Transition in Canada by Doug Giddings
Part Two: Community Involvement
Missouri's Caring Communities by Marilyn Knipp
-Redesign of Services for Children and Families by John Lackey
-Parental Involvement in Pre-School Education in France by Josette Combes
-Professional Social Work: Education and Service Integration Roles by Mary R. Lewis
Part Three: Implementing System Change
-Implementing System Change for Effective Client Services by Alex Dingwall
-Issues in Managing and Sharing Information for Implementing System Change by Hermann Rademacker
-Preparing Professionals to Work in a Coordinated System of Services for Chilren and Youth at Risk by Phyllis R. Magrab
-Innovative Strategies to Provide Integrated Children's Services: Going to Scale in Ontario, Canada by John H. Lewko, Michael Shea, Richard Volpe, and Cynthia Lees
Part Four: Research and Evaluation of Outcomes
Knowledge from Evaluation Research by Richard Volpe
-Evaluating Policy Initiatives by Alejandro Tiana Ferrer
-The Building Blocks of a Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Integrated Services for Risk Children and Youth by H. M.Levin
-Models of Community Development by Jennifer Evans
-Issues in the Evaluation of Intersectoral Initiatives: A Background Paper by Craig Shields
-Issues in the Evaluation of Intersectoral Initiatives: Survey Findings by Coletta McGrath
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