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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews
OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Norway 2001
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  19 Nov 2001
Pages: 204 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264195738 , OECD Code: 972001141E1
Price:   €30 | $42 | £27 | ¥3900 | MXN540
Availability: Available
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Other languages:  French (Available)
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Tables: 29  Charts: 55  Electronic format: Acrobat PDF

This review of Norway's environmental conditions and policies evaluates progress in reducing the pollution burden, improving natural resource management, integrating environmental and economic policies, and strengthening international co-operation. The analyses presented are supported by a broad range of economic and environmental data.

Table of contents:

Conclusions and Recommendations
1. Environmental Management
-Increasing the Effectiveness of Environmental Policies
2. Towards Sustainable Development
-Integrating Environmental Concerns in Economic and Sectoral Policies
-Integrating Social Concenrs into Environmental Policies
-Sectoral Integration: Energy
3. International Commitments
1. Implementing Environmental Policies
-1. Evaluation of Performance
--Institutional and Legal Framework
--Regulatory Instruments
--Economic Instruments
--Other Instruments
--Overall Environmental Policy
-2. Focus on Selected Topics
--Roles and Activities of Local Authorities
--Environmental Taxes and Subsidies
--Land-Use Planning
2. Water Management
-1. Evaluation of Performance
--Policy Objectives in the 1990s
--Trends in the Use of Water Resources
--Trends in Water Quality
--Pressures on Water Quality from Agriculture and Aquaculture
--Pressures on Water Quality from Municipal Waste Water
--Pressures on Water Quality from Industry
-2. Focus on Selected Topics
--Economics of Waste Water Collection and Treatment
--Combating Acidification
3. Waste Management
-1. Evaluation of Performance
--Objectives and Institutional Framework
--Waste Generation Trends
--Management of Municipal Waste
--Management of Non-Municipal Waste
--Remediation of Contaminated Sites
-2. Focus on Selected Topics
--Policy Instruments for Decoupling Waste Generation from GDP
--High Recovery Targets - Measures to Achieve Them
--Legislation for Scrapping of Electrical and Electronic Products
4. Nature Conservation and Biodiversity
-1. Evaluation of Performance
--Objectives and Institutional Framework
--Protected Areas
--Conserving Nature Outside Protected Areas
--Protecting Watercourses
--International Agreements
-2. Focus on Selected Topics
--Protecting Large Predators
--Protecting Atlantic Salmon
--Sustainable Forestry
5. Environmental and Economic Interface
-1. Evaluation of Performance
--Decoupling Economic Growth and Environmental Trends
--Institutional Integration
--Market-Based Integration
--Environmental Expenditure and Financing
-2. Focus on Selected Topics
--Economic Context
--Sectoral Environmental Integration
--High-Level Commissions: Reports and Modelling
6. Environmental-Social Integration
-1. Evaluation of Performance
--Environmental Justice and Distribution
--Environmental Employment
--Environmental Democracy
--Environmental Education and Awareness
-2. Focus on Selected Topics
--Social Context
--The Petroleum Fund
--Outdoor Recreation and Access to Nature
--The Norwegian Environmental Education Network
7. Energy and Environment
-1. Evaluation of Performance
--Institutional Framework and Objectives
--Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Efficiency
--Managing the Environmental Impacts of Energy Production
--Managing the Environemntal Impacts of Energy Use
-2. Focus on Selected Topics
--Trends in Atmospheric Emissions from Energy Production and Use
--Key Energy Trends
--Economic Signals: Energy Pricing and Taxation
--The National Debate on Natural Gas-Fired Power Plants
8. International Cooperation
-1. Evaluation of Performance
--Climate Change
--Transboundary Air Pollution
--Marine Environment
--Management of Living Marine Resources
--Environmental Development Aid
--Bilateral and Regional Cooperation
--Other Global Issues
-2. Focus on Selected Topics
--Environmental Impacts of Offshore Activities
--Sustainable Consumption of the Minke Whale
Annex IA. Selected Environmental Data
Annex IB. Selected Economic Data
Annex IC. Selected Social Data
Annex IIA. Selected Multinational Agreements (Worldwide)
Annex IIB. Selected Multiantioanl Agreements (Regional)
Annex III. Selected Environmental Events (1993-2000)
Annex IV. The Physical Context
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