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Environment at a Glance
OECD Environmental Indicators
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  21 Apr 2006
Pages: 156 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264012189 , OECD Code: 972005081P1
Price:   €35 | $49 | £31 | ¥4500 | MXN630
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This fact-filled book presents key environmental indicators endorsed by OECD Environment Ministers and major environmental indicators from the OECD Core Set. These indicators reflect environmental progress made since the early 1990s and thus contribute to measuring environmental performance. Organised by issues such as climate change, air pollution, biodiversity, waste and water resources, they provide essential information for all those interested in the environment and in sustainable development.  Extensive use of graphics makes country comparisons quite compelling.

Table of contents:

I. OECD Key Environmental Indicators
II. Core Environmental Indicators

-Climate Change
--1. CO2 Emission Intensities
--2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
--3. Greenhouse Gas Concentrations
-Ozone Layer Depletion
--4. Ozone Depleting Substances
--5. Stratospheric Ozone
-Air Quality
--6. Air Emission Intensities
--7. Urban Air Quality
--8. Waste Generation
--9. Waste Recycling
-Water Quality
--10. River Quality
--11. Waste Water Treatment
-Water Resources
--12. Intensity of Use of Water Resources
--13. Public Water Supply and Price
-Forest Resources
--14. Intensity of Use of Forest Resources
--15. Forest and Wooded Land
-Fish Resources
--Fish Catches and Consumption: National
--Fish Catches and Consumption: Global and Regional
--18. Threatened Species
--19. Protected Areas
III. Core Socio-Economic and Sectoral Indicators
-GDP and Population
--20. Gross Domestic Product
--21. Population Growth and Density
--22. Private Consumption
--23. Government Consumption
--24. Energy Intensities
--25. Energy Mix
--26. Energy Prices
--27. Road Traffic and Vehicle Intensities
--28. Road Infrastructure Densities
--29. Road Fuel Prices and Taxes
--30. Intensity of Use of Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertilisers
--31. Livestock Densities
--32. Intensity and Use of Pesticides
--Pollution Abatement and Control Expenditure
--Official Development Assistance
IV. OECD Framework for Environmental Indicators
References and Bibliography
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