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Higher Education and Regions
Globally Competitive, Locally Engaged
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  20 Sep 2007
Pages: 240 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264034143 , OECD Code: 042007071P1
Price:   €40 | $56 | £36 | ¥5200 | MXN720 , Standard shipping included!
Availability: Available (Print on Demand)
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This publication explores a range of helpful policy measures and institutional reforms. Drawing from an extensive review of 14 regions across 12 countries as well as OECD territorial reviews, it considers the regional engagement of higher education regarding teaching, research and service to the community. It offers answers to the following questions: What is higher educationís regional engagement all about? What are its drivers and barriers? What does regional engagement mean for the governance and management of higher education institutions, for regions and for nations? And how does regional engagement fit in with the pursuit of world class academic excellence?

Table of contents:

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introductory Remarks
Chapter 2. Drivers for Regional Engagement
Chapter 3. Barriers to Regional Engagement of Higher Education
Chapter 4. The Regions and their Higher Education Institutions
-The Netherlands
-United Kingdom: England
-Cross-Border Co-operation between Denmark and Sweden
Chapter 5. Contribution of Higher Education to Regional Business Innovation: Overcoming the Barriers
Chapter 6. Contribution of Higher Education to Regional Human Capital Formation: Overcoming the Barriers
Chapter 7. Contribution of Higher Education to Social, Cultural, and Environmental Development: Overcoming the Barriers
Chapter 8. Building Capacity for Co-operation between Higher Education and Regions
Chapter 9. Pointers for Future Development
Annex A. OECD Project on Supporting the Contribution of Higher Education Institutions to Regional Development
Annex B. Selected OECD Countries' Characteristics and Innovation-Based Policies Targeting at the Regional Engagement of Higher Education Institutions
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