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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews
OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Australia 2007
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  26 Mar 2008
Pages: 304 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264039605 , OECD Code: 972007131P1
Price:   €45 | $63 | £40 | ¥5800 | MXN810 , Standard shipping included!
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OECD's periodic review of Australia's environmental policies and programmes. This edition reviews progress since the last review in 1998 and in relation to the 2001 OECD Environmental Strategy.  It systematically examines environmental management (water, air, nature), sustainable development (environment-economy interface, environment-agriculture interface, environment-social interface) and international commitments. In each area, it makes a series of recommendations.

Table of contents:

I. Conclusions and Recommendations
-1. Environmental Management
-2. Towards Sustainable Development
-3. International Commitments and Co-operation
2. Water Management
-1. Reforming the Water Management Framework
-2. Restoring the Murray-Darling Basin System
-3. Making Better Use of Water Resources
-4. Water Quality
-5. Economics and Financing
3. Nature and Biodiversity Management
-1. Nature Management Framework
-2. Current Status and Threats
-3. Progress in Protecting Areas
-4. Progress in Protecting Species
-5. Encouraging Biodiversity on Private Land
-6. Economic Aspects of Biodiversity Conservation
-7. International Commitments
4. Air Quality Management
-1. Objectives on Institutional Framework
-2. Performance
-3. Air Management
-4. Integration of Air Management into Transport Policies
-5. Integration of Air Management into Energy Policies
5. Environment-Economy Interface
-1. Progress towards Sustainable Development
-2. Implementing Environmental Policies
6. Agriculture and Environment
-1. Agricultural Policy Objectives Related to the Environment
-2. Management Impacts on Land and Soil Quality
-3. Management of Impacts on Water
-4. Management of Impacts on Biodiversity
-5. Agriculture and Climate Change
7. Environmental-Social Interface
-1. Management Framework and Policy Objectives
-2. Environemental Democracy
-3. Environmental Awareness and Education
-4. Environment and Health
-5. Environment and Employment
8. International Commitments and Co-operation
-1. Climate Protection
-2. Ozone-Depleting Substances
-3. International Trade and the Environment
-4. The Marine Environment
-5. Development and the Environment
-I.A. Selected Environmental Data
-I.B. Selected Economic Data
-I.C. Selected Social Data
-II.A. Selected Multilateral Agreements (worldwide)
-II.B. Selected Multilateral Agreements (regional)
-III. Abbreviations
-IV. Physical Context
-V. Selected Environmental Websites
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