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Globalisation and Emerging Economies
Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  19 Mar 2009
Pages: 454 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264044814 , OECD Code: 512008061E1
Price:   €42 | $58 | £37 | ¥5400 | MXN750
Availability: Available
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Policy brief:  Chinese, French, English

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OECD countries still dominate the world economy, but their share of world trade dropped from 73% in 1992 to 64% in 2005, and some of the world’s most important economies are not members of the OECD. Foremost among these are the so-called BRIICS: Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa.

This book analyses key elements of the trade performance of the BRIICS in relation to the rest of the world, focusing on trade and other policies influencing that performance. Developments in global trade policy are reviewed, notably the impact of preferential trade agreements on the multilateral system and patterns of world trade are described using both indices that reveal networks of trading relations and more standard modeling results.

As well as the global analysis, the book also presents a separate chapter for each of the BRIICS, examining the key development and trade issues in each of the six countries over the past few years.

Table of contents:

-Author Affiliations
-Introduction by Raed Safadi and Ralph Lattimore
-Chapter 1: The International Economic Order and Trade Architecture by Javier Reyes, Martina Garcia and Ralph Lattimore
-Chapter 2: The Bilateral Trade Performance of the BRIICS by Przemyslaw Kowalski
-Chapter 3: Globalisation, Multinationals and BRIICS by Philip McCann
-Chapter 4: Globalisation and the Political Economy of Trade Liberalisation in the BRIICS by Razeen Sally
-Chapter 5: Storm in a Spaghetti Bowl: FTAs and the BRIICS by Kozo Kiyota, Margit Molnar and Robert M. Stern
-Chapter 6: Brazil by Ralph Lattimore and Przemyslaw Kowalski
-Chapter 7: Russia by David G. Tarr
-Chapter 8: India by Przemyslaw Kowalski, Nora Dihel and Martina Garcia
-Chapter 9: Indonesia by Margit Molnar and Molly Lesher
-Chapter 10: China by Malory Greene, Charles Tsai and Ralph Lattimore
-Chapter 11: South Africa by Przemyslaw Kowalski, Ralph Lattimore and Novella Bottini
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