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The DAC Guidelines
Integrating the Rio Conventions into Development Co-operation
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  16 Sep 2002
Pages: 104 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264176065 , OECD Code: 432002041E1
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These Guidelines highlight the linkages between global environmental issues, on the one hand, and sustainable development and poverty reduction, on the other. They demonstrate how development co-operation agencies can support developing countries’ efforts to integrate responses to the environmental threats addressed by the Climate Change, Biodiversity and Desertification Conventions (the "Rio Conventions") into their national poverty reduction and development plans. While focusing on the Rio Conventions, many of the findings outlined in these Guidelines apply equally to other global or regional environmental issues.

Table of contents:

Policy Statement by the DAC High Level Meeting, 16 May 2002
Executive Summary
Busy Reader's Guide to this Document
1. The Goals of the Guidance
2. The Global Environment and the Development Agenda: Understanding the Linkages
3. The Rio Conventions: International Responses to Global Environmental Issues
4. Integrating Global Environmental Issues into the Development Agenda: Approaches, Entry Points, and Instruments
5. Sectoral Development Strategies and Global Environmental Issues: Synergies and Hard Choices
6. Integrating Global Issues into Development Policies and Development Co-operation: Priority Areas for Action
Annex 1A: Selected Impactof Global Environment on Sectors
Annex 1B: (Mirror) Impact of Sectors on Global Environment
Annex 2: Conventions Tip Sheets
Annex 3: Technology Cooperation: Key Lessons from Donors' Experience
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