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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews
OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Israel 2011
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  08 Nov 2011
Pages: 219 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264117563 , OECD Code: 972011111E1
Price:   €35 | $49 | £31 | ¥4500 | MXN630
Availability: Available
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Other languages:  French (Available)
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This 2011 review of Israel's environmental conditions and policies evaluates progress in sustainable development, improving natural resource management, integrating environmental and economic policies, and strengthening international co-operation. This report is the first OECD review of Israelís environmental policy performance.

Table of contents:

Executive summary
Chapter 1. Towards green growth
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Economic growth and the environment
-2. Strategic framework for sustainable development and green growth
-3. Integrating environmental and fiscal policies
-4. Promoting environmental technologies, goods and services
-5. Corporate environmental responsibility and trade policy
Chapter 2. Environmental management
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Environmental policy and institutional framework
-2. Environmental legislation
-3. Establishment of environmental requirements
-4. Environmental compliance assurance
-5. Promoting environmental democracy
-6. Environmental management at the local level
Chapter 3. International co-operation
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Policy objectives and institutions
-2. Bilateral co-operation and development assistance
-3. Regional co-operation
-4. Co-operation on global environmental issues
-5. Trade in environmentally sensitive goods
Chapter 4. Water
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Institutional and legal framework
-2. Pressures on water quantity
-3. Quality of ground and surface water
-4. National policy objectives and international commitments
-5. Towards more efficient water use
-6. Towards more efficient water quality management
-7. Water and nature management
-8. Expenditure on and financing of water management
Chapter 5. Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Key trends and projections
-2. Israelís biodiversity policy and institutional framework
-3. Israelís policy mix for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
-4. Mainstreaming biodiversity into other sectors/policy areas
Chapter 6. Climate change and air quality
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Introduction.
-2. Emissions performance and projections
-3. Policy framework
-4. Cross-sectoral policy instruments
-5. Policies and measures in the energy sector
-6. Policies and measures in the transport sector
-7. Policy and measures in other sectors
Chapter 7. Waste management
-Assessment and recommendations.
-1. Policy and institutional setting
-2. Trends in waste generation
-3. Progress in environmentally sound management of non-hazardous waste
-4. Reducing impacts of hazardous and industrial waste
-5. Addressing impacts of contaminated sites
-Reference I.A. Selected environmental data 
-Reference I.B. Selected Economic Data
-Reference I.C. Selected social data
-Reference II. Abbreviations


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