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OECD Principles of Occupational Pension Regulation
Methodology for Assessment and Implementation
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  18 août 2010
Pages: 136 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre électronique (Format PDF)
ISBN: 9789264087095 , Code OCDE: 212010031E1
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Autres langues:  Français (Disponible)
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Occupational pensions play a major role in OECD countries and worldwide, complementing retirement income from state sources. At the end of 2009, private pension savings reached USD 25 trillion. Population ageing has led many OECD countries to undertake a wide range of pension reforms – the overall effect of which has been to reduce public pension promises and, in turn, to increase the importance of private pension savings for retirement.

The Core Principles cover seven key areas: i) Conditions for effective regulation and supervision; ; ii) Establishment of pension plans, pension funds, and pension fund managing companies; iii) Pension plan liabilities, funding rules, winding up, and insurance; iv) Asset Management; v) Rights of members and beneficiaries and adequacy of benefits; vi) Governance; and vii) Supervision. Each of the seven core principles consists of a main text and a set of implementing guidelines. In the case of the core principle of supervision, the supporting guidelines integrate the IOPS Principles of Private Pension Supervision.

The Methodology provides a structured approach for evaluating a jurisdiction’s occupational pension regulatory system in relation to the OECD Core Principles of Occupational Pension Regulation.

Tables des matières:
Executive Summary
I. Introduction
-The use and scop of this methodology
-The grading structure
-The reviewer and the assessment process
-The reporting format for an assessment using this methodology
-Limitations of an assessment
II.Country Background and National Regulatory Framework
III.Core Principles

-Core Principle 1. Conditions for effective regulation and supervision
-Core Principle 2. Establishment of pension plans, pension funds, and pension fund management companies
-Core Principle 3. Pension plan liabilities, funding rules, winding up and insurance
-Core Principle 4. Asset management
-Core Principle 5. Rights of members and beneficiaries and adequacy of benefits
-Core Principle 6. Governance
-Core Principle 7. Supervision
IV. Overall Assessment
-The private pension governance landscape
-Summarising what has been learnt from the assessment of indvidiual principles
-Forming a judgement about policy implications and priorities
Appendix I. Questions to assess a jurisdiction’s private pension system
Appendix II. Questions to assess the supervision of a jurisdiction’s private pension system
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