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OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2008 Issue 1
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  18 juil 2008
Pages: 304 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264047006 , Code OCDE: 122008021P1
Prix:   €89 | $124 | £80 | ¥11500 | MXN1600 , Frais de livraison inclus
Disponibilité: Disponible (impression à la demande)
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Autres langues:  Allemand (Disponible (impression à la demande)) Français (Disponible (impression à la demande))
Remplacé par: OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2014 Issue 1 - (Disponible)
Autres versions:  Livre électronique - Format PDF
Abonnement:  OECD Economic Outlook (Disponible)

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Tableaux: 137  Graphiques: 80 

This June 2008 issue of OECD's twice-yearly OECD Economic Outlook provides analysis of recent economic developments and economic projections for OECD and major non-OECD countries through the end of 2008. Its comprehensive statistical annex is a useful reference tool for international economic comparisons. The special chapter examines the implications of supply-side uncertainties for economic policy.

Tables des matières:

Editorial: After the Storm?
Chapter 1. General Assessment of the Macroeconomic Situation
-Recent Developments
-Forces Shaping the Outlook and Associated Risks
-Growth Prospects
-Macroeconomic Policy Requirements
-Appendix 1.A1. Estimated Responses of OECD Activity to Various Shocks
-Appendix 1.A2. Quantifying th Effect of Financial Conditions on US Activity
-Appendix 1.A3. The Medium-Term Reference Scenario
Chapter 2. Developments in Individual OECD Countries and Selected Non-OECD Countries
-United States
-Euro Area
-United Kingdom
-Czech Republic
-New Zealand
-Slovak Republic
-Russian Federation
Chapter 3. The Implications of Supply-Side Uncertainties for Economic Policy
-Impact of Recent Developments on Potential Output
-The Role of Structural Reforms in Increasing Potential Growth
-Problems in Assessing the Cyclical Situation
-Appendix 3.A1. Deriving Illustrative Estimates of the Impact of Changes in Factor Prices on Supply
Statistical Annex
-Country Classification
-Weighing Scheme for Aggregate Measures
-Irrevocable Euro Conversion Rates
-National Accounts Reporting Systems and Base Years
-Demand and Output
--1. Real GDP
--2. Nominal GDP
--3. Real Private Consumption Expenditure
--4. Real Public Consumption Expenditure
--5. Real Total Gross Fixed Capital Formation
--6. Real Gross Private Non-Residential Fixed Capital Formation
--7. Real Gross Private Residential Fixed Capital Formation
--8. Real Total Domestic Demand
--9. Foreign Balance Contributions to Changes in Real GDP
--10. Output Gaps
-Wages, Costs, Unemployment and Inflation
--11. Compensation per Employee in the Private Sector
--12. Labour Productivity for the Total Economy
--13. Unemployment Rates: Commonly Used Definitions
--14. Standardised Unemployment Rates
--15. Labour Force, Employment and Unemployment
--16. GDP Deflators
--17. Private Consumption Deflators
--18. Consumer Prices Indexes
--19. Oil and Other Primary Commodity Markets
-Key Supply-Side Data
--20. Employment Rates
--21. Potential GDP, Employment, and Capital Stock
--22. Structural Unemployment and Unit Labour Costs
--23. Household Saving Rates
--24. Gross National Saving
-Fiscal Balances and Public Indebtedness
--25. General Government Total Outlays
--26. Genreal Government Total Tax and Non-Tax Receipts
--27. General Government Financial Balances
--28. Cyclically Adjusted General Government Balances
--29. General Government Primary Balances
--30. Cyclically Adjusted General Government Primary Balances
--31. General Government Net Debt Interest Payments
--32. General Government Gross Financial Liabilities
--33. General Government Net Financial Liabilities
-Interest Rates and Exchange Rates
--34. Short-Term Interest Rates
--35. Long-Term Interest Rates
--36. Nominal Exchange Rates (vis-a-vis the US dollar)
--37. Effective Exchange Rates
-External Trade and Payments
--38. Export Volumes of Goods and Services
--39. Import Volumes of Goods and Services
--40. Export Prices of Goods and Services
--41. Import Prices of Goods and Services
--42. Competitive Positions: Relative Consumer Prices
--43. Competitive Positions: Relative Unit Labour Costs
--44. Export Perfornmance for Goods and Services
--45. Shares in World Exports and Imports
--46. Geographical Structure of World Trade Growth
--47. Trade Balances for Goods and Services
--48. Investment Income, net
--49. Total Transfers, net
--50. Current Account Balances
--51. Current Account Balances as a Percentage of GDP
--52. Structure of Current Account Balances of Major World Regions
--53. Export Market Growth in Goods and Services
--54. Import Penetration
-Other Background Data
--55. Quarterlly Demand and Output Projections
--56. Quarterly Price, Cost, and Unemployment Projections
--57. Contributions to Changes in Real GDP in OECD Countries
--58. Household Wealth and Indebtedness
--59. House Prices
--60. House Price Ratios
--61. Central Government Financial Balances
--62. Maastricht Definition of General Government Gross Public Debt
--63. Monetary and Credit Aggregates: Recent Trends

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