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Infrastructure to 2030 (Vol.2)
Mapping Policy for Electricity, Water and Transport
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  10 Sep 2007
Pages: 506 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264031319 , OECD Code: 032007031P1
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Other languages:  French (Out of print)
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Multilingual summaries:  Japanese, Spanish, English

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Infrastructure systems play a vital role in economic and social development. Demand for infrastructure is set to continue to expand significantly in the decades ahead, driven by major factors of change such as global economic growth, technological progress, climate change, urbanisation and growing congestion. However, challenges abound: many parts of infrastructure systems in OECD countries are ageing rapidly, public finances are becoming increasingly tight and infrastructure financing is becoming more complex. This book assesses the future viability of current "business models" in five infrastructure sectors: electricity, water, rail freight, urban mass transit and road transport. It proposes policy recommendations that aim to enhance capacity to meet future infrastructure needs, including measures that could be taken by governments both collectively and individually to create more favourable institutional, policy and regulatory frameworks.


Table of contents:

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Infrastructure to 2030: Main Findings and Policy Recommendations by Barrie Stevens and Pierre-Alain Schieb
Chapter 2. A Cross-Sectoral Synthesis on the Long-Term Outlook for Infrastructure Models by Michel Andrieu
-Annex: The Impact of Deregulation on the Electricity Sector
Chapter 3. Assessing the Long-Term Outlook for Business Models in Electricity Infrastructure and Services by Trevor Morgan
Chapter 4. Water Infrastructure and Water-Related Services: Trends and Challenges Affecting Future Development by Meena Palaniappan, Heather Cooley, Peter H. Gleick, and Gary Wolff
Chapter 5. Key Trends and Implications for Climate Change in Long-Term Rail Freight Traffic and Infrastructure by Louis S. Thompson
Chapter 6. Strategic Issues for the Future Funding and Operation of Urban Public Transport Systems by Yves Crozet
Chapter 7. Road Transport Infrastructure: Business Models, Trends, and Prospects by Peter J. Mackie and Nigel J. Smith
Members of the Infrastructures Project Steering Group
Experts Involved in the Infrastructure Project
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