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Geographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries 2012
Disbursements, Commitments, Country Indicators
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  13 Mar 2012
Pages: 276 , Language: English / French
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264126138 , OECD Code: 432012023P1
Price:   €95 | $133 | £85 | ¥12300 | MXN1710 , Standard shipping included!
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This publication provides comprehensive data on the volume, origin and types of aid and other resource flows to around 150 developing countries.  The data show each country's intake of official development assistance and well as other official and private funds from members of the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD, multilateral agencies and other key donors.  Key development indicators are given for reference.

Table of contents:

Editor’s Note
Offical Development Assistance, Net Disbursements
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Australia
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Austria
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Belgium
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Canada
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Denmark
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Finland
-Net Disbursements of ODA by France
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Germany
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Greece
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Ireland
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Italy
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Japan
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Korea
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Luxembourg
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Netherlands
-Net Disbursements of ODA by New Zealand
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Norway
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Portugal
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Spain
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Sweden
-Net Disbursements of ODA by Switzerland
-Net Disbursements of ODA by United Kingdom
-Net Disbursements of ODA by United States
-Net Disbursements of ODA by DAC Countries Combined
-Net Disbursements of ODA by the EU Institutions
-Net Disbursements of ODA from All Sources Combined
-Net Disbursements of Technical Co-operation ODA by DAC Countries Combined
Flows from Multilateral Agencies, Net Disbursements
-Net Disbursements of Concessional Assistance by Multilateral Agencies Combined
-Total Net Disbursements from Multilateral Agencies Combined
Total Resource Flows, Net Disbursements
Total Net Disbursements of Financial Flows by DAC Countries Combined
-Total Net Disbursements of Financial Flows from All Sources Combined
-Total Net Official Development Finance from All Sources Combined
-Total Net Private Flows from DAC Countries Combined
Official Development Assistance (ODA), Commitments
Commitments of ODA by DAC Countries Combined
-Commitments of ODA from All Sources Combined
-Antigua and Barbuda
-Bosnia and Herzegovina
-Burkina Faso
-Cape Verde
-Central African Republic
-Congo, Dem. Rep
-Congo, Rep
-Cook Islands
-Costa Rica
-Côte d’Ivoire
-Dominican Republic
-El Salvador
-Equatorial Guinea
-Korea, Democratic Republic of
-Kyrgyz Republic
-Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of
-Marshall Islands
-Micronesia, Federated States of
-Palestinian Administered Areas
-Papua New Guinea
-Sao Tome and Principe
-Sierra Leone
-Solomon Islands
-South Africa
-Sri Lanka
-St. Helena
-St. Kitts and Nevis
-St. Lucia
-St. Vincent and the Grenadines
-Trinidad and Tobago
-Viet Nam
-Wallis and Futuna
-Ex-Yugoslavia, unspecified
Developing Countries and Territories Classified as:
-Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
-Other LICs
-Lower Middle Income Countries
-Upper Middle Income Countries
-More Advanced Developing Countries and Territories
-Total, All Developing Countries Combined
Of which:
-Africa, North of Sahara
-Africa, South of Sahara
-Africa, Total
-North and Central America
-South America
-America, Total
-Middle East
-South and Central Asia
-Far East Asia
-Asia, Total
-Heavy Indebted Poor Countries
-Definitions of Concepts Used in this Report
-DAC List of ODA Recipients

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