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OECD Review of Agricultural Policies
OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Israel 2010
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  07 Jul 2010
Pages: 208 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264079342 , OECD Code: 512010011P1
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Other languages:  Hebrew (Available)
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Israel’s agriculture is unique amongst developed countries in that land and water resources are nearly all state-owned and that agricultural production is dominated by co-operative communities. Israel is a world leader in agricultural technology, particularly in farming in arid conditions. This Review measures support provided to Israeli agriculture and evaluates the effectiveness of current agricultural policy measures. Israel has made progress in removing policies that distort trade, and resource allocation and support to agriculture is lower than the OECD average. However, the government still plays an important role. The report suggests further agricultural policy reforms to reduce costs for consumers and taxpayers and to improve the efficiency of current policy measures.

A special focus of the report is the environmental performance of Israeli agriculture. This is already an issue with scarce land and water resources, accentuated by the overarching issue of climate change. The Review examines agriculture’s performance with respect to water resources and pollution, soils, biodiversity, air emissions and climate change. It concludes that strengthening policy coherence, especially in improving the management of water resources in agriculture, is important.

Table of contents:
-Acronyms and Abbreviations
-Executive Summary
-Highlights and Policy Recommendations
-Synthèse et recommandations pour l’action publique
Chapter 1. The Policy Context
-General aspects
-Agricultural situation
-Agro-food trade flows
-Structural change inthe agro-food sector
Chapter 2. Policy Trends and Evaluation
-Agricultural policy and institutional framework
-Domestic policies
-Trade policies affecting agro-food flows and agricultural commodity prices
-Evaluation of support to agriculture
-Annex: Policy Tables
Chapter 3. The Environmental Performance of Agriculture
-Overview of the agri-environmental context
-Managing water resources
-Controlling water pollution
-Combatting land degradation and desertification
-Protecting biodiversity and open spaces
-Reducing air pollution
-Responding to climate change and climate variability
-Challenges in improving the environmental performance of Israeli agriculture
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