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Trends in the Transport Sector 2011
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  08 Sep 2011
Pages: 92 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789282103593 , OECD Code: 742011031P1
Price:   €28 | $39 | £25 | ¥3600 | MXN500 , Standard shipping included!
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Other languages:  French (Low stock)
Superseded by: Trends in the Transport Sector 2012 - (Available)
Other Versions:  E-book - PDF Format

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How have the passenger and freight transport sectors evolved in recent years and during the crisis? And what about road safety? This publication presents data on global trends in the transport sector with up-to-date figures on the impact of the recent economic crisis.

In addition to highlighting major trends in the transport sector, this brochure provides the reader with the latest statistics on transport markets in the International Transport Forum member countries for the period 1970-2009 for all modes of transport. It also describes trends on transport infrastructure investment and maintenance expenditure.

Table of contents:

1. The Economic Outlook
-1.1. The world economy, recession and recovery
-1.2. World trade
2. Global Trends in Transport
-2.1. Freight transport
-2.2. Passenger transport
3. Road Safety
4. Investment and Maintenance in Inland Transport Infrastructure
-4.1. Introduction
-4.2. Trends in relation to GDP
-4.3. Volume of investment
-4.4. Modal split of investment
-4.5. Trends in road maintenance
5. Statistical Information
-5.1. Data sources, definitions and country notes
-5.2. Tables and graphs
  Freight transport
--Table A1: Rail
--Table A2: Road
--Table A3: Inland waterways
--Table A4: Pipeline
--Table A5: Total inland freight
--Table A6: Coastal shipping
--Table A7: Air (freight and mail)
--Table A8: Rail containers
--Table A9: Sea containers
  Passenger transport
--Table B1: Rail
--Table B2: Private cars
--Table B3: Buses and coaches
--Table B4: Total road transport
--Table B5: Total inland passenger transport
--Table B6: Air
  Road injury accidents
--Table C1: Number of crashes
--Table C2: Casualties (killed + injured)
--Table C3: Killed
  Infrastructure investments
--Table D1: Rail infrastructure
--Table D2: Road infrastructure
--Table D3: Inland waterway infrastructure
--Table D4: Seaport infrastructure
--Table D5: Airport infrastructure
  Infrastructure maintenance
--Table E1: Rail maintenance
--Table E2: Road maintenance
--Table E3: Inland waterway maintenance
--Table E4: Seaport maintenance
--Table E5: Airport maintenance
Goods transport graphs
--Passenger transport graphs
--Road injury accidents graphs

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