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Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Road Transport
Analytical Methods
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  01 Jul 2002
Pages: 72 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264196780 , OECD Code: 772002011P1
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Road transport accounts for approximately 80% of CO2 emissions emanating from transport, which corresponds to more than 20% of total emissions. This clearly has enormous implications for global climate change.

What are the measures and strategies already taken by OECD countries to reduce or stabilise greenhouse gases from road transport? What frameworks exist to evaluate the impact and efficiency of these measures and strategies? And how effective are they?

With the continued growth forecast in car ownership and distance travelled, what are the expected trends in CO2 emissions and their consequences for the potential achievement of the Kyoto Protocol? What models are available to predict the level of CO2 emissions? Are they useful?

This report, which has been prepared by an OECD Working Group, uses a number of illustrative and pragmatic cases to provide important insights into these major questions.

Table of contents:

Executive Summary
-Approach and Aim of the Report
-Conclusions and Recommendations
-Recent Growth in CO2 Emissions from Road Transport
-Policies and Measures to Reduce CO2 Emissions by Transport
-Assessment and Modelling Methods
-Future Trends
Chapter 1. Introduction
-Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transport
-Working Method and Objectives
-Structure and Content of the Report
Chapter 2. Recent Trends in CO2 Emissions from Road Transport
-Local and Global Pollutants from Road Transport
-Types of Road Vehicles
-Trends in CO2 Emissions
-National Transport Share of CO2 Emissions
-Contribution of Road Freight Transport to CO2 Emissions
Chapter 3. Policies and Measures to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Transport
International Measures to Reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gases
-Catalogue of Existing Measures
-Combinations of Measures
Chapter 4. Assessment and Modelling Methods: An Evaluation Framework
-Asessing the Impact of CO2 Reduction Measures: A Framework
-Evaluation Methods
-What is Missing? Improving Current Modelling Approaches
-Lack of Ex Post Evaluation
Chapter 5. Future Trends in CO21 Emissions and Technological Improvements
-CO2 Emissions Reduction Policies
-Factors Influencing Road Emissions by Passenger Cars
-Future Trends in Freight Transport
-Conclusions: Outlook for CO2 Emissions
Annex A. List of Participants
Appendix A. UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Appendix B. CO2 Emissions from Road Transport
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