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Preparing Youth for the 21st Century: The Transition from Education to the Labour Market
Proceedings of the Washington D.C. Conference -- 23-24 February 1999
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  02 Sep 1999
Pages: 460 , Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 9789264173422 , OECD Code: 911999031E1
Price:   €47 | $65 | £42 | ¥6100 | MXN840
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Young people's situation and future prospects are of vital concern to us all. Many of them face high unemployment or joblessness and serious difficulties in getting a firm foothold into the labour market. Many leave school without the requisite skills or competences needed in today’s economy and society. Many are also experiencing falling relative (and sometimes real) wages and considerable uncertainty as to whether or not they will be able to settle into good careers. But at the same time, our ageing societies need, more than ever before, to harness the potential of all of our young people. This publication points the way to future initiatives to improve youth labour market and educational outcomes as identified by policy-makers and experts of OECD countries brought together at the Washington Conference "Preparing Youth for the 21st Century: The Policy Lessons from the Past Two Decades", held on 23-24 February 1999. To give the most comprehensive picture to date, it first puts today's challenges into a historical perspective by taking stock of two decades of policies for youth employment. But more substantially, this book provides insight into experiences and policy issues in the United States, as well as in Europe and Japan, with a stress on the special needs of disadvantaged youth. All of us interested in making sure we give youth a good start in education and in establishing rewarding labour market careers will find this compendium a milestone in youth employment debate.

Table of contents:

-Background Report. Giving Young People a Good Start: The Experience of OECD Countries by Norman Bowers, Anne Sonnet and Laura Bardone
-The Youth Job Market Problem at Y2K by Richard B. Freeman
-Improving Educational Performance of At-Risk Youth by Peter Mortimore and Jo Mortimore
-The Korsor Production School and the Danish Production Schools by Gert Moeller and Verner Ljung
-Improving Pathways in the United States from High School to Colege and Career by David Stern
-The Contribution of Education and Training to the Employability of Youth: Changing Concerns, Debates, and Measures by Ulrich Teichler
-Youth Labour Market Entry in France by Patrick Werquin
-The Transition from Initial Education to the Labour Market: Recent Experience in the United States by Lisa M.Lynch
-The Japanese Employment System and Youth Labour Market by Naoki Mitani
-Youth Unemployment in the OECD Countries: How can the Disparities be Explained? by Olivier Marchand
-Labour Market Policies for Disadvantaged Youth People in Europe by Ides Nicaise
-Lessons from Education and Training for Youth: Five Precepts by W. Norton Grubb
-Promoting Employment for Youth: A European Perspective by Jerome Gautie
-Improving Job Market Outcomes for Youth: The US Experience with Demand Side Approaches by Robert I. Lerman
-Rapporteur's Report: The School-to-Work Transition Twenty Years On: Issues, Evidence, and Conundrums by Paul Ryan
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