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Enhancing SME Competitiveness
The OECD Bologna Ministerial Conference
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  18 Apr 2001
Pages: 268 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264186491 , OECD Code: 922001051P1
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Proceedings of the Bologna Conference, June 2000


What are the problems faced by SMEs in OECD countries and developing and transition economies in today’s globalising world? What are the framework conditions that influence SMEs’ incentives and capacities to innovate? What is the optimal role of public policy in consolidating and developing clusters? Are SMEs failing to capture the full benefits of e-commerce and if so, why? Which are the best-practice instruments for fostering co-operation and partnership between SMEs in OECD and non-OECD countries?
The OECD Bologna Conference gathered Ministers, high-level policy makers and business representatives from more than 50 countries and 60 international organisations with a view to releasing the potential of SMEs and enhancing their access to global markets. The Bologna Ministerial Conference has contributed to putting SMEs at the forefront of the international policy agenda.

Table of contents:

Part I. Overview
-Objectives and Themes of the Conference
-Key Messages from Ministers and Senior Policy Makers
--Giuliano Amato, Prime Minister of Italy
--Donald Johnston, Secretary General of OECD
--Enrico Letta, Minister of Industry and Trade, Italy
--Herwig Schlogl, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD
--Aida Alvarez, former SBA Administrator, USA
--Marylise Lebranchu, Secretary of State for SMEs, France
--David Irwin, Chief Executive of the Government's Small Business Service, UK
--Pia Gjellerup, Minister for Trade and Industry, Denmark
--Jorge Folgado, Secretary of State for Economy, Energy, and SMEs, Spain
--Noel Treacy, Minister for Science, Technology, and Commerce, Ireland
--Guillermo Rozenwurcel, Special Advisor, Ministry of Economy, Argentina
--Vasundhara Raje, Minister of State for Small-Scale Industries and Agro and Rural Industries, India
--Erkki Liikanen, Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society, the European Commission
--David Syz, Secretary of State, Switzerland
--Grete Knudsen, Minister of Trade and Industry, Norway
--N. Ben Abdallah, Minister of Industry, Tunisia
--Lindiwe Hendricks, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, South Africa
--Carlos Alfredo Margarinos, Director-General, UNIDO
--Ilia Yuzjanov, Minister for Anti-Monopoly Policy and Entrepreneurship Support, Russia
--Qiangui Jiang, Vice Chairman, State Economic and Trade Commission, China
--W. J. Katner, Deputy Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy, Poland
Part II. Selected Keynote Speeches
-Bologna: A Unique Opportunity for Dialogue by Herwig Schlogl
-Social Responsibility in a Globalising World by Roland Schneider
-The Speed of Changes Calls for Rapid Readjustments by Firms by Douglas C. Worth
-Public-Private Dialogue: The Path to Relevant Policies by Thomas Andersson
-Learning from Best Practices: The Importance of Evaluation by Albertino Santana
-Promoting Balanced Development by Guiliano Amato
-The Role of the OECD in Fostering Entrepreneurship and Growth by Donald Johnston
-SMEs at the Centre of Economic Democracy by Enrico Letta
-A Dynamic Public Sector for a Changing Environment by Aida Alvarez
Part III. Themes and Discussion
Theme I. Enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs Through Innovation
--Issue Paper for Business Symposium Roundtable 1
--Summary of Business Symposium Roundtable 1 by G. Chiaruttini
--Background Paper Prepared for Workshop 1: SME Innovation in a Global Economy by BenedicteCallan and Jean Guinet
--Workshop Symmary by Mr. Gian Maria Gros Pietro
-Theme 2: Local Partnerships, Clusters, and SME Globalisation
--Issue Paper Prepared for Business Symposium Roundtable 2
--Summary of Business Symposium Roundtable 2 by Ramos Vaca
--Background Paper Prepared for Workshop 2: Local Partnership, Clusters, and SME Globalisation by Michael J. Enright and Ifor Ffowcs-Williams with Alistair Nolan
--Workshop Summary by F. Barca
-Theme 3: Realising the Potential of Electronic Commerce for SMEs in the Global Economy
--Issues Paper Prepared for Business Symposium Roundtable 2
--Summary of Business Symposium Roundtable 3 by P. Skehan
--Background Paper Prepared for Workshop 3: Realising the POtential of Electronic Commerce for SMEs in the Global Economy by Mariarosi Lunati with Murielle Faverie and Graham Vickery
--Workshop Summary by D. Levy
-Theme 4: Enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs in Transition and Developing Countries in the Global Economy and their Partnerships with SMEs of OECD Countries
--Issues Paper Prepared for Business Symposium Roundtable 4
--Summary of Business Symposium Roundtable 4 by P. Crehan
--Background Paper Prepared for Workshop 4: Enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs in Transition and Developing Countries in the Global Economy and Their Partnerships with SMEs of OECD Countries
-Workshop Summa
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