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Public Sector Integrity
A Framework for Assessment
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  07 Dec 2005
Pages: 356 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264010598 , OECD Code: 422005141P1
Price:   €55 | $77 | £49 | ¥7100 | MXN990 , Standard shipping included!
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This assessment framework for public sector integrity provides policy makers and managers with a pioneering roadmap to design and organise sound assessments in specific public organisations and sectors. It includes practical checklists, decision-making tools and options for methodologies based on good practices. At a time when governments are increasingly required to assess pro-integrity and corruption prevention measures, this report provides a unique inventory of methods and solutions used world wide for crafting well-designed assessments. Selected case studies give more details on recent assessments in the specific country contexts of Australia, Finland, France and Korea.

Table of contents:

Executive Summary
Part I. Integrity and Corruption Prevention Measures in the Public Service: Towards and Assessment Framework

-Step 1. Defining the Purpose: Why Assess Integrity and Corruption Prevention Measures?
-Step 2. Selecting the Subject: What do Decision-Makers Want to Assess?
-Step 3. Planning and Organising the Assessment: Who Will Assess?
-Step 4. Agreeing on Methodology: How to Assess
-Step 5. Ensuring Impact: How are Assessment Results Integrated into the Policy Cycle?
Part II. Assessment Strategies and Practices for Integrity and Anti-Corruption Measures: A Comparative Overview
Part III. The Experiences of OECD Countries

-Review on Assessing Effectiveness of Integrity and Anti-Corruption Measures in the Korean Public Service
-Evaluating the Effectiveness of Measures to Prevent and Combat Corruption in France
-Developing Policy Assessment Measures for Integrity and Corruption Prevention Activities: The Australian Experience
--Case Study 1. State of the Service Reporting and "Embedding Values" Studies: - Australian Public Service Commission
--Case Study 2. Case Handling by Ombudsman's Offices and Anti-Corruption Bodies
--Case Study 3. Judging Effectiveness: An Australian Anti-Corruption Commission?
-Values to be part of the Daily Job: The Finnish Experience
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