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Policy Issues in Insurance
Risk Awareness, Capital Markets and Catastrophic Risks
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  12 août 2011
Pages: 164 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre électronique (Format PDF)
ISBN: 9789264046603 , Code OCDE: 212010051E1
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The OECD contributes to the improvement of the financial management of major catastrophes both through the activities of the International Network on the Financial Management of Large-Scale Catastrophes and through the leadership of its High-Level Advisory Board. This publication compiles a series of reports reflecting the OECD’s extensive work in this field over recent years. These reports include: 1) a stocktaking of initiatives to promote natural hazard awareness and disaster risk reduction education, resulting in the publication of a policy handbook; 2) a review of and recommendations on catastrophe-linked securities and the role of capital markets in supporting the financial mitigation of large-scale risks, aimed at governments promoting these instruments; 3) a review of current mechanisms used to quantify catastrophe losses within the OECD; and 4) a review of hazard risk mapping efforts in South East Asian countries.

Tables des matières:

Chapter 1. Analytical Framework
-1.1. Definitions
-1.2. Importance of awareness and education of risks and risk reduction
-1.3. Framework for understanding risk awareness and risk reduction education
-1.4. Challenges to risk awareness and risk reduction education
Chapter 2. Stocktaking
-2.1. Scope of stocktaking effort
-2.2. Review of programmes and assessment by sector
Chapter 3. Conclusion and Next Steps: The Role of Risk Awareness and Risk Reduction Education in Building a Culture of Safety
-3.1. Conclusions
-3.2. Possible next steps for the OECD
Chapter 4. Policy Recommendations for Enhancing Natural Hazard Risk Awareness and Risk Reduction Education
-4.1. The role of key stakeholders in promoting risk awareness and risk reduction education
-4.2 Effective tools to enhance risk awareness and risk reduction education
-Annex I.A1. Selected Examples of Risk Awareness and Reduction Education Programmes ..... 73
Chapter 5. Introduction
Chapter 6. Catastrophe Risks and the Role of Capital Markets – A Framework for Analysis
-6.1. Nature of natural catastrophe risks, their economic costs, and losses absorbed
-6.2. Stages of evolution of risk securitisation in capital markets: framework for analysis
-6.3 Possible roles of capital markets and capital market instruments in the transfer of CAT risks
Chapter 7. Overview and Analysis of CAT-linked Securities
-7.1. Overview of CAT-linked securities
-7.2. Market trends and analysis of the main features of CAT-linked securities
Chapter 8. Development of CAT-linked Securities
-8.1. Drivers of the development of CAT-linked securities
-8.2. Impediments to the development of CAT-linked securities
-8.3. Issues in the development of CAT-linked securities
Chapter 9. Recommendations for Policy Makers
-9.1. Promote the collection and dissemination of high-quality data on CAT risks and losses according to harmonised criteria
-9.2. Promote transparency in the CAT-linked securities market
-9.3. Consider the opportunity to use CAT-linked securities to transfer a portion of the CAT risk currently borne by governments
-9.4. Examine the accounting, solvency and prudential rules governing the CAT-linked securities market to remove any unnecessary impediments
-9.5. Encourage research on areas worthy of further investigation
-9.6. Encourage further education on CAT-linked securities

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