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Good Governance for Digital Policies: How to Get the Most Out of ICT
The Case of Spain's Plan Avanza
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  23 fév 2011
Pages: 220 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264072671 , Code OCDE: 042010131P1
Prix:   €45 | $63 | £40 | ¥5800 | MXN810 , Frais de livraison inclus
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Plan Avanza, Spain’s national Information Society strategy, has created a strong momentum for furthering information society (IS) policy in Spain, mobilising close to EUR 9 billion over four years from national, sub-national and non‑governmental stakeholders.  

But what have these important investments contributed to wider societal goals such as public sector modernisation and increasing citizens’ trust in government; creating job opportunities and preparing a future work force for a competitive, globalised economy; supporting economic reform; improving citizens’ welfare and promoting equity? This report takes inventory of the Plan’s main achievements thus far and its remaining challenges for the future, reflecting on how its next phase (2010-2015) can best serve society. 

In particular, the report looks at how Plan Avanza has helped integrate citizens, business and the public administration into the knowledge economy. It identifies areas on which Spain should continue to work: convergence with EU and OECD countries’ levels of access to and use of ICT; growth of the ICT sector; and development of e-government services.  

The experiences of Spain and other OECD countries suggest that building a strong policy and governance framework is key for the success of IS policies. Indeed, to increase the impact of IS strategies policy makers must continuously look for ways to improve the performance of these frameworks. This can include identifying potential co‑ordination gaps between stakeholders and leveraging existing institutions; ensuring that policy sequencing contributes to strategic objectives; strengthening funding mechanisms and incentive structures for stakeholders; and improving evaluation and oversight. Using Plan Avanza as a case study, this study highlights the importance of each of these factors in maximizing the impact, and improving cost-effectiveness, of IS strategies in times of growing fiscal constraints.

Tables des matières:

Acronyms and key terms
Core messages of the review
Assessments and proposals for action
Principales mensajes del informe Plan Avanza revisión de pares
Principales hallazgos y propuestas de acción
Chapter 1. Plan Avanza: an important step forward for information society policy in Spain
-1.1. Information society strategies
-1.2. The Plan Avanza Strategy
-1.3. Targeted beneficiaries: addressing Spain’s key information society challenges
-1.4. Distribution of budget resources: one indicator of information society priorities
-1.5. From Plan Avanza to Plan Avanza 2
Chapter 2. Governance matters: success factors for the design and implementation of information society strategies
-2.1. Critical success factors in policy design
-2.2. Establishing an effective implementation model
Chapter 3. Assessing the effectiveness of inter-institutional co-ordination under Plan Avanza: the importance of multi-level governance I
-3.1. Multi-level governance: a daily reality for policy makers
-3.2. Multi-level governance and survey framework
-3.3. Assessing the effectiveness of inter-institutional co-ordination under Plan Avanza: survey and interview findings
-Conclusions: improving the performance of Plan Avanza to maximise results
Chapter 4. Delivering benefits to citizens, businesses and the Spanish public administration
-Introduction: from measuring ICT diffusion to measuring impact, a bumpy road
-4.1. The S-curve framework and analysis of Plan Avanza
-4.2. Overview of chapter results
-4.3. Plan Avanza and ICT infrastructure: strengthening the foundation of an information society
-4.4. Plan Avanza and businesses: promoting productivity, competitiveness and innovation
-4.5. Plan Avanza and citizens: working to close digital divides
-4.6. Plan Avanza and the public administration: supporting national agendas for modernisation and e-government
Annex A. Organisations participating in interviews and roundtables
-Central government organisations
-Regional and local government representatives
-Non-governmental organisations and field visits
Annex B. Survey methodology

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