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OECD e-Government Studies
Denmark: Efficient e-Government for Smarter Public Service Delivery
OECD Publishing , Publication date:  07 Dec 2010
Pages: 304 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264086647 , OECD Code: 422010211P1
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This review is the first to analyse e-government at the country level using a revised framework designed to capture the new challenges faced by countries today. It highlights the richness of initiatives and actions taken by Denmark in relation to a number of areas, including the impact of e-government on public sector modernisation and efficiency efforts, the impact of e-government organisational structure and arrangements on e-government development and administration, the need to address issues related to user take-up and the assessment of benefits realisation of e-government projects. As these are not unique to Denmark, but are commonly shared by a number of OECD countries, the study provides useful tools to support e-government policy making in all OECD countries.   

Table of contents:

Assessment and Proposals for Action
Évaluations et propositions d’action
Chapter 1
. Introduction
-The National e-government Strategy: A key policy instrument
-The background
-The e-government context in Denmark
-The chapters of the report
Chapter 2. The Impact of E-Government on the Public Sector Modernisation and Efficiency Efforts
-The 2005 “OECD Country Study of E-Government in Denmark”
-The Danish “E-Government Strategy 2007-2010”: A national strategy for the public sector digitisation
-The Structural Reform: A framework for the local e-government agenda
-E-Government and the public sector modernisation and efficiency programmes
-E-Government and the public sector IT projects
-The way forward: Reaping the benefits of the national e-government agenda
Chapter 3. The Governance Framework for E-Government Implementation
-The context (overview)
-The 2005 “OECD Country Study of E-Government in Denmark”
-Revised organisational settings for the Danish e-government programme
-The way forward: Strengthening the governance framework for improved e-government implementation
Chapter 4. Towards a more User-centric Approach to Public Service Delivery
-Introduction: The Danish context
-The 2005 “OECD Country Study of E-Government in Denmark”
-Improving online public service delivery
-eDay3: Promoting the digitisation of the public sector
-Enabling better access to electronic services
-The way forward: Making self-service solutions an opportunity for all
Chapter 5. Realising the Benefits of E-Government
-Benefits realisation of e-government projects.
-The 2005 “OECD Country Study of E-Government in Denmark”
-The economic settings and context for the e-government initiatives
-A general Business Case Model for digital projects: A tool for decision making and effects measuring
-Public sector capacity for e-government projects
-The proper infrastructure to facilitate communication and information access
-Creating the conditions for continuous success
Annex A. Experiences from other OECD members
Annex B.
Reaping the Benefits of Cloud Computing, Web 2.0 and Open Data: OECD Country Experiences
Annex C.
Survey results
Annex D
. Methodology
Annex E.

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