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Performance-based Funding for Public Research in Tertiary Education Institutions
Workshop Proceedings
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  16 déc 2010
Pages: 188 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264094604 , Code OCDE: 922010021P1
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Governments are seeking to channel research funds into universities and other institutions in ways that support high-quality research in strategically important areas and bolster effective knowledge diffusion. These issues of steering and funding have even more relevance in light of the current  financial crisis and economic downturn which have seen severe fiscal pressures fall on many countries.

This publication presents a collection of papers presented at an OECD workshop on performance-based funding of public research in tertiary education institutions. It takes stock of current thinking and practice around performance-based funding of public research in tertiary education institutions, as a tool to help governments meet their research goals. These funding models are essentially systems of ex-post evaluation of research outputs and outcomes from universities and other tertiary institutions, and are generally based on peer review, bibliometric or other quantitative indicators. Their results are used to inform government decisions about how much and which institutions to fund.

Tables des matières:

Executive summary
Chapter 1. Overview of models of performance-based research funding systems by Diana Hicks, Georgia Institute of Technology 
-The features of PRFSs
-Funding and the PRFS
-Convergence and challenges
Chapter 2. Performance indicators used in performance-based research funding systems by Hanne Fosse Hansen, University of Copenhagen
-The concept of performance and the rich world of indicators
-The construction of national PRFSs
-Consistency in the measurement of performance?
Chapter 3. Performance-based funding for public research in tertiary education institutions: Country experiences by Sarah Box, OECD Secretariat
-Institutional and project funding – the backdrop
-Systems of performance-based funding
-Key findings and policy issues raised by the questionnaire responses
Chapter 4. Impacts of performance-based research funding systems: A review of the concerns and the evidence by Linda Butler, Australian National University and University of Newcastle, Australia
-Intended consequences
-Additional comments
Chapter 5. Highlights and reflections: Rapporteur’s report by Marc Luwel, Center for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University, the Netherlands and Hercules Foundation, Belgium
-The changing role of universities
-Performance-based research funding systems: a concept with many variations
-Some policy issues
-A possible research agenda to develop more robust PRFS
Annex A: OECD-Norway workshop on performance-based funding for public research in tertiary education institutions: Workshop summary

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