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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews
OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Portugal 2011
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  14 avr 2011
Pages: 184 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264097841 , Code OCDE: 972011031P1
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This report presents the OECD review of Portugal’s environmental policy performance for 2011. It finds that environmental policies have been consolidated and strengthened since the last review in 2001, but that meeting the post-Kyoto targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be challenging. With energy and climate policies being closely related, the report points out that with less than 50% of hydro capacity currently being exploited, there is potential for further development in that area. It also describes the challenges regarding coastal zone and marine management.

Topics covered in the report include greening growth, implementation of environmental policies , international co-operation , climate change, waste management and the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), and nature and biodiversity.

Further information about the Environmental Performance Review programme is available on line via

Tables des matières:
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Developments since the 2001 Review
-Main features of economic and social development in the review period
-Key environmental pressures
-Framework for environmental and sustainable development
-Policy initiatives
Chapter 2. Greening Growth
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. The environment as a driver for economic growth?
-2. Environmental expenditure and financing
-3. Environmentally related taxes
-4. Tax expenditures and subsidies
-5. Promoting eco-innovation and environmentally-friendly products
-6. Expanding environmentally related markets and employment
Chapter 3. Implementation of Environmental Policies
-Assessment and recommendations
-Strengthening the environmental policy mix
-Promoting environmental democracy
-Progress in air, water, waste, nature and biodiversity management
Chapter 4. International Co-operation
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Marine environment
-2. Trade and environment
-3. Bilateral and regional co-operation
-4. Official development assistance
Chapter 5. Energy and Environment Integration
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Energy policy framework
-2. Key energy trends
-3. Environmental impacts of the energy sector
-4. Energy efficiency
-6. Research and development
-7. The National Climate Change Programme
-8. Price signals
Chapter 6. Coastal Zone Management
-Assessment and recommendations
-1. Characteristics and pressures on coastal areas
-2. Policy and institutional setting
-3. Performance of policy responses
-Selected Environmental Data
-Selected Economic Data
-Selected Social Data
-Actions Taken on the 2001 OECD Review Recommendations
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