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Evaluation of Agricultural Policy Reforms in the European Union
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  05 oct 2011
Pages: 184 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264112087 , Code OCDE: 512011071P1
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Autres langues:  Français (Disponible)
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This report provides an overview of the main characteristics and structure of the current Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its developments in the last 25 years in a changing environment within and outside the EU.

Drawing on material presented at the OECD Workshop on the Disaggregated Impacts of CAP Reform, held on 10-11 March 2010, and model-based scenarios, it analyses the impacts of policy changes on production, trade, land use, farm structure, the environment and some aspects of rural development, using changes in the level and composition of OECD indicators of support, notably the Producer Support Estimate (PSE).

This report further suggests improvements in the market orientation, competitiveness and risk management at all levels of the food chain, and pleads for clarifying the link between policy measures and objectives through better targeting, and strengthening evidence on which to base policies.

Tables des matières:
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Purpose and Scope of the Study
Chapter 2. Overview of Developments in the European Agricultural Sector
-A changing environment
-A changing role for agriculture in the economy
-Developments in the farm production economy
-Developments in farm structure
-Developments in the characteristics of farm households
Chapter 3. Agricultural Policy Reforms in the European Union
-Main characteristics of the current agricultural policy
-Overview of CAP movements since 1986
Chapter 4. Impact of Agricultural Policy Reforms on the Economic and Environmental Performance of Agriculture
-Impact of successive CAP reforms on land use, production and community markets
-Impact of the Single Payment Scheme on land markets
-Impact of the Single Payment Scheme on structural change and farm competitiveness
-Impact of reforms on support, income and welfare
-Impact of successive CPA reforms on the environmental performance of agriculture
-Impact of recent reforms on some aspects of rural development
Chapter 5. Overall Evaluation and Future Direction
-Overview of 20 years of reforms
-Future challenges
-Looking Ahead
-Annex A. The Integration of Environmental Concerns in European agricultural policy: A Short History
-Annex B.  Annex Tables of Chapter 2
-Annex C.  Annex Tables and Graphs of Chapter 3
-Annex D.  Annex Tables Chapter 4
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