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Reviews of National Policies for Education
Reviews of National Policies for Education: Improving Lower Secondary Schools in Norway 2011
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  27 juil 2011
Pages: 150 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264114562 , Code OCDE: 912011191P1
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Lower secondary education is key for success in overall education attainment, because it is where students can either “make it or break it.” It is the last level to consolidate basic skills and to enter either upper secondary education or the labour market with the adequate competences. This report develops comparative knowledge on lower secondary education across OECD countries and tailors it to the context of an OECD country: Norway.

Despite diversity in provision across countries, lower secondary education faces some similar challenges: some countries have difficulties ensuring high academic achievement, and many students fall behind at this stage, resulting eventually in drop out from upper secondary. Selected evidence shows that there may be lack of student motivation and that the configuration and practices in schools at this age may not cater adequately to the specific development needs of early adolescents.

After analyzing the comparative evidence and country practices, this report provides a strategy to support teachers, schools and students that can contribute to raise student attainment in this level (or to make this level more effective) in Norway.

Tables des matières:

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Lower Secondary Education across Countries
-Introduction and background to the report
-Why is lower secondary education important?
-Characteristics of this education level
-Challenges facing lower secondary education
Chapter 2. Lower Secondary in Norway: Progress and Challenges
-Student achievement is high and can be improved
-An important starting point: education is a public priority in Norway
-Norway’s comprehensive system emphasises equity and inclusion
-Schools are positive environments, but there is low student motivation
-Teachers are engaged, but need better teaching strategies and support
-Governance and policy makers shape education improvement
Chapter 3. Policy Levers for Quality Lower Secondary in Norway
-R1. Align policy with governance
-R2. Nurture excellent teaching quality
-R3. Promote school improvement
-R4. Ensure student success throughout education
Annex 1. Events Related to the OECD Norway Review
Annex 2. The Authors 

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