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Public Research Institutions
Mapping Sector Trends
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  13 oct 2011
Pages: 160 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264119499 , Code OCDE: 922011101P1
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This publication provides new information on public research institutions (PRIs) and government strategies. Public research institutions are crucial for innovation due to their role in knowledge creation and diffusion. While absolute real expenditure on R&D in this sector has risen, it now accounts for a smaller share of total R&D spending by OECD countries and of OECD GDP. The targets and focus of many PRIs have evolved in recent years. Changing activities, new policy challenges and wider economic and political developments have driven change in missions and mandates and linkages have become focal points for many. Internationalisation has also increased and relationships are frequently collaborative. PRIs’ sources of income are diverse but funding has become increasingly competitive. Funding instruments need to balance short-and long-term goals to uphold research quality and ensure the sustainability of PRI activities.  

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Executive summary
Chapter 1. Public research institutions in national innovation systems
-The role of PRIs in national innovation systems
-Structure of the report
Chapter 2. A statistical view of public research institutions
-The government research sector as traditionally defined
-An expanded view of PRIs
Chapter 3. The evolving public research institution sector – institutes and their orientations
-Which institutes are “PRIs”?
-Orientation of the PRI sector
-Annex 3.A. Characteristics of public research institution survey data
Chapter 4. Operational features of public research institutions – trends and arrangements
-Organisational arrangements
-Institutional arrangements
-Human resources 
Chapter 5. Public research institution linkages and internationalisation
-Recent trends
-Some drivers of linkages and internationalisation
-Methods of linking
-Collaboration and competition
-The strength of linkages
Chapter 6. Implications of change – public research institutions' performance and policy agenda
-PRIs’ performance measured by outputs
-Evaluation results
-Challenges ahead
-Shaping a policy agenda – key points and future directions

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