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OECD Studies on Tourism
Climate Change and Tourism Policy in OECD Countries
OECD, United Nations Environment Programme. Published by : OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  07 déc 2011
Pages: 100 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre électronique (Format PDF)
ISBN: 9789264119598 , Code OCDE: 852011031E1
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Undertaken jointly with United Nations Environment Programme, the report analyses policies and issues related to climate change adaptation and mitigation in the tourism sector. It provides policy recommendations, with the objective to identify priority areas to be included in a framework for action in the area of climate change and tourism.  A review of the state of policy-making on this important issue clearly indicates that greater efforts could be made by countries to understand the likely impacts of climate change on tourism; there is a low awareness of the tourism sector's climate change mitigation and adaptation needs; and that current policy, with few exceptions, is inadequate to the scale of the challenge, both on mitigation and adaptation.

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Chapter 1. Conclusions and policy recommendations -Mitigation
Chapter 2. Climate change: A challenge for tourism
-Introduction: climate change and the need to reduce emissions
-Mitigation: tourism as a contributor to GHG emissions
-Adaptation: anticipated impacts of climate change
-Tourism, water and climate change
Chapter 3. Mitigation 
-Introduction: global climate policy
-Regional climate policy
-National tourism-related climate policy
-Priority areas identified by the tourism industry, industry organisations and the private sector
-Action by international organisations
-Analysis and conclusions: Climate stabilisation objectives and action in OECD countries
Chapter 4. Adaptation 
-Regional climate change adaptation policy
-National climate change adaptation policy
-Priority areas identified by the tourism industry
-Action by international organisations 
-Analysis and conclusions: Climate adaptation objectives and action in OECD countries
Chapter 5. Proposed agenda for further research and development
Annex A. OECD Country Pledges to UNFCCC
Annex B. National Documentation
Annex C. UNEP Biofuel Documents and Tools 97


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