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OECD Territorial Reviews
OECD Territorial Reviews: Brazil 2013
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  08 avr 2013
Pages: 224 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264121171 , Code OCDE: 042011121P1
Prix:   €45 | $63 | £40 | ¥5800 | MXN810 , Frais de livraison inclus
Disponibilité: Disponible
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Autres langues:  Portugais (Disponible)
Autres versions:  Livre électronique - Format PDF

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This review, which draws on data and comparative perspectives from OECD countries, highlights challenges that Brazil will need to tackle, including those related to fiscal arrangements among the sub-national governments, building administrative capacity at the local level, and fostering cross-sectoral co-ordination in federal programming

Tables des matières:

Acronyms and abbreviations
Assessment and recommendations
Chapter 1. Regional trends and development in Brazil
-Macroeconomic trends
-Regional development gaps in Brazil
-Assessing the performance of Brazilian regions and links to national growth
-Tapping growth potential in Brazil’s regions
-Key policy and governance challenges
-Annex 1.A1. OECD regional classification and regional typology
-Annex 1.A2. Performance of Brazilian regions
-Annex 1.A3. Regional specialisation and GDP per capita growth
-Annex 1.A4. Value added by industry
-Annex 1.A5. Socio-economic outcomes 
Chapter 2. Combining growth and social inclusion: The contribution of regional policies 
-Mapping federal policies for regional development: Actions with explicit and implicit
territorial targets
-The rebirth of explicit regional development policies in Brazil
-Public infrastructure investment: The challenge of closing the gap in lagging regions
-Social programmes, innovation and competitiveness as drivers of regional development
-Annex 2.A1. Bolsa Familia, a mix of policy complementarities
-Annex 2.A2. EMBRAPA, a mix of policy comlementarities
-Annex 2.A3. Matrix of policy complementarities
Chapter 3. Multi-level governance for more effective regional development policies
-How regional development policy could help Brazil harness its national strategy of growth with reduction of social and regional disparities
-Dealing with sub-national governments’ financial and political autonomy
-Overcoming a multi-dimensional fragmentation of policies
-Creating information and building capacity at sub-national level, increasing citizen participation
-Annex 3.A1. Social, infrastructure and economic indicators of Brazil
-Annex 3.A2. Inter-governmental grants in Brazil
-Annex 3.A3. Share of sub-national governments in tax revenues in OECD countries
-Annex 3.A4. Alllocation of resonsibilities across levels of governement in Brazil
-Annex 3.A5. General government accounts of Brazil
-Annex 3.A6. Share of different taxes in revenues acorss levels of government in Brazil
-Annex 3.A7. Revenue mix by state in Brazil
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