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OECD Investment Policy Reviews
OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Zambia 2012
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  18 avr 2012
Pages: 196 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264169043 , Code OCDE: 202012021P1
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OECD's review of investment policy in Zambia reviews the country's investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation, trade and competition policy, tax policy, corporate governance, policies for promoting responsible business conduct, infrastructure development and other aspects of the policy framework for investment.

Tables des matières:

Preface by the Honourable Mr. Felix Mutati, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Republic of Zambia, July 2011
Preface By Rintaro Tamaki, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD
List of Abbreviations
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Zambia’s Ambitious Reform Agenda
-1. Commitment to implementing key economic reforms
-2. Launch of the Private Sector Development Programme
-3. Contribution of multi-lateral and bi-lateral debt relief
-4. Overall performance of the economy
-5. Investment policy challenges and options
Chapter 2. Investment Policy
-1. Steps taken to simplify Zambia’s investment regimes
-2. Steps taken to improve processes of property and land ownership registration
-3. Protection of intellectual property rights
-4. Contract enforcement and alternative dispute settlement systems
-5. Compensation mechanisms for expropriation
-6. Principle of non-discrimination on laws relating to investment
-7. International co-operation in the promotion and protection of investment
Chapter 3. Investment Promotion and Facilitation
-1. Investment promotion and facilitation strategy
-2. Establishment of the Zambia Development Agency
-3. Adequacy of government funding to the ZDA
-4. Reducing the cost of establishing new investment ventures
-5. Consultative framework between government, ZDA and investors
-6. Promoting investment linkages
-7. International and regional initiatives for strengthening investment promotion expertise
Chapter 4. Trade and Competition Policy
-1. Trade policy
-2. Competition policy
Chapter 5. Tax Policy
-1. Linking the tax burden to broader development objectives
-2. Link between average tax burden on domestic projects and policy goals
-3. Limitations of tax policy when framework conditions and market characteristics are weak
-4. Influence of targeted tax incentives on tax-planning activities
-5. Reporting of tax expenditure accounts for budget purposes
-6. International collaboration and countering abusive tax planning strategies
Chapter 6. Corporate Governance
-1. Entrenching corporate governance standards in regulatory frameworks
-2. Corporate governance framework and treatment of shareholders
-3. Legal redress where shareholder rights are violated
-4. Procedures and institutions enabling shareholders to influence company affairs
-5. Company information disclosure requirements
-6. Oversight role of boards
-7. Inculcating good corporate governance culture in private companies
-8. Regulation of State Owned Enterprises in a competitive market environment
Chapter 7. Policies for Promoting Responsible Business Conduct
-1. Separation of roles between government and business sector
-2. Communication of responsible business practices
-3. Facilitating financial and non-financial disclosure
-4. Supporting companies to comply with the law
5. Measures taken to strengthen responsible business practices
-6. Adoption of international best practices
Chapter 8. Infrastructure Development
-1. Process used to evaluate infrastructure investment needs
-2. Measures taken to uphold transparency and procedural fairness in contracts
-3. Telecommunications sector
-4. Electricity sector
-5. Transport infrastructure
-6. Enhancing water supply to meet development goals
Chapter 9. Other Aspects of the Policy Framework for Investment
-1. Financial sector development
-2. Human resource development
-3. Public governance
-Annex A. Members of the PFI Tehcnical Implementation Team appointed by Cabinet

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