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Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs
Realising the Benefits of Globalisation and the Knowledge-based Economy
OECD. Published by : OECD Publishing , Publication date:  11 Jun 2001
Pages: 272 , Language: English
Version: Print (Paperback) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264187009 , OECD Code: 922001071P1
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The first OECD Conference on Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs in 1997 highlighted their contribution to innovation and job creation. Since that time, women’s entrepreneurship has been burgeoning. Women entrepreneurs constitute a growing share of SME owners, with higher than average start-up rates in several OECD Member and non-member countries. Eliminating obstacles to the creation and development of firms by women and creating a level playing field for women business owners is vital for a thriving entrepreneurial sector and important for national growth strategies. Women business owners are creating new niches for entrepreneurial activity and have the potential to become key players in the new, knowledge-based economy. However, they must adapt to profound changes in the way small enterprises do business, both locally and at the global level. The 2000 Conference aimed at finding ways to help women-owned SMEs seize the opportunities offered by globalisation, ICTs, changes in firm organisation, the increasing importance of the service sector, and other current developments. Cette publication est tirée de la conférence de l'OCDE sur « Les femmes entrepreneurs à la tête de PME : pour une participation dynamique à la mondialisation et à l'économie fondée sur le savoir ». Les lecteurs de langue française y trouveront une synthèse en français des présentations, discussions et conclusions de la conférence.

Table of contents:

Message from Sally Shelton-Colby, Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD
Message from Francois Patriat
Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs: Key Messages
Part 1. Synthesis
Chapter 1. Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs: Realising the Benefits of Globalisation by Miriam Koreen
Part 2: Selected Papers
Chapter 2. A Business Training and Development Programme to Assist Micro-Enterprises to Access the Global Marketplace by Barbara Mowat
Chapter 3. The Face of Women Entrepreneurs: What We Know Today by Julie R. Weeks
Chapter 4. Improving Statistics on Women Entrepreneurs by Andre Letowski
Chapter 5. Statistics on Start-Ups and Survival of Women Entrepreneurs: The Danish Experience
Chapter 6. BancoSol and Financing for Women Entrepreneurs by Kurt Koenigsfest
Chapter 7. Best Practices for financing Women-Owned Businesses: The Women's Growth Capital Fund and WomenAngel.snet by Patty Abramson
Chapter 8. E-Commerce Technologies and Networking Strategies for Asian Women Entrepreneurs by Viven Chiam
Chapter 9. Supply Chain Management and its Use as a Facilitator of International Trade for Women Entrepreneurs by Susan Phillips Bari
Chapter 10. Asian-Borm Women Entrepreneurs in Sydney: International Trade and Computer Technology by Angeline Low
Chapter 11. Implementing the OECD Conference Recommendations: The Tsunami Project by Virginia Littlejohn
Annex 1: Programme of the 2nd OECD Conference on Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs
Annex 2. Networking 2000: Women Entrepreneurs' Forum by Daniele Rousseau
Annex 3. Acknowledgements and Sponsors
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