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OECD Public Governance Reviews
Public Procurement Review of the State's Employees' Social Security and Social Services Institute in Mexico
OECD Publishing , Date de parution:  26 nov 2013
Pages: 256 , Langue: Anglais
Version: Livre (Broché) + PDF
ISBN: 9789264197299 , Code OCDE: 422013101P1
Prix:   €55 | $77 | £49 | ¥7100 | MXN990 , Frais de livraison inclus
Disponibilité: Disponible
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Autres langues:  Espagnol (Disponible)
Autres versions:  Livre électronique - Format PDF

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How can citizens’ health and well-being be improved when public resources are limited? What practices allow hospitals and health clinics to get state of art medical equipment and medicine at the right price?

The OECD Procurement Review of the Mexican State’s Employees’ Social Security and Social Services Institute (ISSSTE) looks at the public entity responsible for providing medical and social services to Mexican civil servants. It provides a comprehensive assessment of its procurement function and how to improve it in order to enhance the overall efficiency and transparency of the organisation and the quality of the services it provides.

The review builds on the OECD Principles for Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement, good practices of other health organisations as well as comparative data on public procurement in OECD countries.

Tables des matières:

Foreword 3
Acronyms 11
Executive summary 13
-Key findings 13
-Key recommendations 14
Overview of the Mexican health system: The role of the State’s Employees’ Social Security and Social Services Institute 17
-ISSSTE has an important role in the fragmented Mexican health care system 21
-References 24
Chapter 1. Strengthening the structure and co-ordination of ISSSTE’s procurement function 25
-Introduction 26
-Structure 26
-Co-ordination and communication 32
-Proposals for action 37
-References 39
Chapter 2. Ensuring high quality regulations for ISSSTE’s procurement processes  41
-Introduction 42
-The regulatory framework applicable to ISSSTE’s procurement processes 42
-Addressing the risk of regulatory failure 44
-Regulatory consultation and ex ante impact analysis 49
-Ex post evaluation: Closing the gap 54
-Proposals for action 55
-References 58
Chapter 3. Fostering effective risk-based internal control in ISSSTE’s procurement activities 59
-Introduction 60
-Risk-based internal control of the procurement function 61
-ISSSTE’s risk management system 70
-Proposals for action 75
-References 78
Chapter 4. Managing for results: Implementing an organisational procurement strategy and evidence-based performance management in ISSSTE  81
-Introduction  82
-Organisational procurement strategy 82
-Proposals for action 99
-Annex 4.A1 Support to the participation of SMEs in public procurement at the central government of OECD countries 102
-Annex 4.A2 UK National Health Service Procurement Standards: Example of the “Leadership” domain 104
-Annex 4.A3 Examples of the performance dashboard in the UK Department of Health 108
-Annex 4.A4 Snapshot of Ontario buys supply chain metrics 109
-References 111
Chapter 5. Achieving better procurement results through sound sourcing methods 113
-Introduction 114
-Consolidation initiatives 114
-Level of competition and use of exceptions to public tendering 120
-Procurement instruments 126
-Evaluation and selection criteria 131
-Proposals for action 133
-References 137
Chapter 6. Addressing deficiencies in ISSSTE’s procurement processes 139
-Introduction 140
-Market intelligence 140
Clarity in the requirement definitions and solicitation documents 146
-Bid evaluation process 149
-Contract management 152
-Inspection upon delivery and stock management 155
-Proposals for action 157
-References 160
Chapter 7. Enhancing procurement capability in ISSSTE 161
-Introduction 162
-ISSSTE’s workforce – a snapshot 162
-Strengthening capacity for procurement 163
-Strengthening skills and competencies 172
-Improving performance management 180
-Fostering management accountability 185
-Proposals for action 187
-Annex 7.A1 Scottish procurement: Example of a procurement competency framework 190
-References 195
Chapter 8. E-procurement: Implementing a strong IT environment to support ISSSTE’s procurement activities 197
-Introduction 198
-Current IT environment 198
-Improvements to the procurement function through ICTs 205
-Enabling e-procurement  207
-Proposals for action 210
-References 212
Chapter 9. Towards open government: Promoting transparency in public procurement in ISSSTE 213
-Introduction 214
-Enhancing transparency in public procurement  215
-Disclosure of information 216
-Request for information 218
-Strengthening the information management system 221
-Monitoring transparency: getting feedback from users 222
-Transparency in the procurement of public works 223
-Social witnesses 224
-Proposals for action 226
-Annex 9.A1 Public availability of procurement information at the central level of government (2010) 227
-References 229
Chapter 10. Ensuring integrity throughout ISSSTE’s procurement cycle  231
-Introduction  232
-Awareness of integrity and corruption risks in the public health sector 232
-Fight against corruption under the Mexican legal framework 235
-Prevention of corruption and wrongdoing in ISSSTE 236
-Monitoring and corrective actions for integrity risks 243
-Proposals for action 248
-References  251

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